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Sister Wives has nothing to do with reality

Sister Wives
Sister Wives
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Sister Wives is not reality; it is an aberration! The reality is polygamy has been outlawed and polygamous marriages are not recognized in more than 80% of the world. Given the world population of over 7 billion people, the practice of polygamy is, relatively speaking, not practiced and has been outlawed in most countries and continents of the world. And in those countries that do allow polygamy (northern Africa, parts of the Middle East and portions of Indonesia), polygamy is rarely practiced! And the truth is, there are good reasons why!

Polygamy is not just another “fun and games lifestyle choice” as portrayed in shows such as Sister Wives where a man has multiple wives. Polygamy is a lifestyle that has lots of negative consequences – inbreeding and the genetic defects that follow cause great misery; the spread of Aids is epidemic; the subjugation and humiliation of women is rampant in polygamous marriages with one man and multiple wives; and in an “equality based society,” it has no place.

Polygamy is an insidious lifestyle that allows for inbreeding opportunities such as cousins marrying cousins, mothers having children with uncles, fathers having children with daughters and nieces, brothers marrying sisters, and children having babies with wives and fathers engaged in the polygamous marriage.

Inbreeding seriously affects the genetic makeup of human beings. That is why inbreeding has been prohibited in the Judeo-Christian tradition since the days of Moses, and is outlawed in over 80% of the Earth.

Here are the 25 compelling reasons why inbreeding is a bad idea and why practices that support it, such as polygamy, have been outlawed in the vast majority of the world including the USA.

Inbreeding results in:

1. Significant increases in infant and neonatal mortality
2. Reduced fertility and sperm viability
3. Irreversible damage to the gene pool of those who inbreed
4. Lower birth weight
5. Lower/slower birth rate
6. Limited night vision
7. Reduced memory
8. Lower intelligence levels/reduced IQ
9. Elevated risks of mental retardation
10. Higher rates of insanity and mental illness
11. Poorer health, both mental and physical
12. Elevated incidence of genetic disorders including recessive disorders such as
cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy, and deaths due to malformations
13. Increased risk of birth defects
14. Fluctuating facial asymmetry
15. Increased likelihood of developmental delay in the social abilities of children
16. Increased congenital defects such as cryptorchidism, heart defects, cleft palates
17. Smaller adult size
18. Loss of immune system function
19. Significant increase in the number of disabled offspring
20. Lowered ability to enjoy and produce knowledge and abstract thinking
21. Increased risk of schizophrenic illness
22. Increased chances of being criminally insane
23. Likelihood of earning a lower income
24. Likelihood of being less educated
25. Likelihood of having a lower level job in adulthood

We have researched marriage and relationships for 32 years in all 50 states, 49 countries, and on all Seven of the World’s Continents, including polygamous marriages in Africa and the Middle East. Among our many findings is this – Polygamy is NOT a sought after marriage model around the world. Simply put – Polygamy is NOT trending!

If you think polygamy is a lifestyle choice you would consider, understand that you do so at great risk to the future of human genetics, at great risk to women, at great risk for the perpetuation of terrible diseases, and at great risk to the children that are born of such abnormal and incestuous relationships.

Polygamy is neither normal nor being increasingly practiced in the world today. Anyone who would suggest that polygamy is a "lifestyle choice" is simple ignorant of biology and the devastating results of inbreeding that have occurred throughout history in polygamous relationships.

Dr. Charles and Dr. Elizabeth Schmitz
America's #1 Love and Marriage Experts

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