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Sister Megan Rice: Nun faces life in prison after Rice broke into nuclear base

The Oak Ridge nuclear facility is in the news again.
Ed Westcott / American Museum of Science and Energy

Sister Megan Rice is a nun facing life in prison. Sister Megan Rice is an 83-year-old Catholic nun accused of breaking into the Oak Ridge nuclear facility in Tennessee. According to a report from Monday (Jan. 27), it took place during a protest where three Catholic peace activists broke into the primary U.S. storehouse for bomb-grade uranium. All three people are going to find out their fates on Tuesday (Jan. 28) when the judge comes back with his sentencing in the case.

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The government has accused the trio of sabotage for damage that they caused breaking into the facility and wants restitution in addition to the recommended prison sentences. The claim is that the damages reached about $53,000 after they cut through fences and painted slogans on the walls before splattering blood and damaging a wall with hammers. The government asked for about six to nine years for each of the three suspects in the case. The names of the other two accused of the crimes are Michael Walli and Greg Boertje-Obed.

The case is drawing a lot of attention due to the age of one of the protesters. Sister Megan Rice will turn 84 on Thursday (Jan. 28), leading to requests of leniency for what took place. Their defense attorney was quoted as stating, "These people have been committed peace and justice advocates for decades." Previous requests for leniency were declined, keeping the three in jail while the trial progressed. Now they are at the sentencing phase, despite many letters from supporters being presented to the court.

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