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Sisserou's adds a little Island spice to the Brady District

Light and flavorful, this dish from Sisserou's is a winner.
Light and flavorful, this dish from Sisserou's is a winner.
Jill Meredith 2014

If you love the food scene in the Brady District, it just keeps getting better and better. This past Tuesday, a little taste of the islands came to join the melting pot of restaurants. Including Laffa, Mexicali Border, The Tavern and others.

A family business, owners Eben and Natalie Shillingford, along with Eben’s sister and father, wanted to bring Caribbean specialties to Tulsa. While Eben is from Dominica, he and his family wanted to feature dishes from all over the Caribbean.

The name of the restaurant however, is directly linked back to Eben’s hometown of Dominica as a Sisserou parrot is the national bird and even appears on the country’s flag.

The executive chef is Ben Alexander, who was formerly at Wolfgang Puck’s. The menu features specialties such as curries, jerk chicken, plantains and Accras (cod fish cakes), plus much more. The menu has a nice selection of everything from appetizers to desserts and fantastic cocktails.

The day we were there, we sampled The Cuban sandwich, the jerk Chicken wings and the Mahi Mahi. To wash all of that spicy goodness down, we all thoroughly enjoyed the Molten Lava Eruption that was as spectacular to look at as it was to drink.

The Cuban sandwich was made with pork that was marinated in a traditional mojo in a traditional Mojo and then slow-roasted until tender. It was then shredded and piled on a lightly toasted Cuban loaf drizzled with their signature habanero mayonnaise and topped with ham, Swiss cheese, sweet pickles, and country Dijon. The balance of sweet, spicy and salt worked very well to make this filling and satisfying sandwich.

The Jerk Chicken wings were spicy, but not overly so. They were served with a creamy and cooling avocado sauce that kept the heat in check.

The Mahi Mahi was my personal favorite. Pan-seared to perfection, it was topped with onions, tomatoes, spices and served over rice.

We certainly can’t forget about that incredible drink. Several different rums were mixed with orange and pineapple juice and a splash of grenadine for color. Dry ice added the “eruption” for dramatic effect. Traditional rum punch and other cocktails are available as well as a nice selection of wine.

Although we were too full for dessert, some of the choices include chocolate lava cake, rum cake, coconut crème brûlée, sorbet and a banana crepe soufflé.

Sisserou’s is open Mon - Thu: 11am to 10pm and Fri - Sat: 11am to 11pm. Sisserou’s is closed on Sunday.

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