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'Sirens' on USA season finale spoilers: Was this show renewed or canceled?

Kayvan Novak
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Tonight is the big season finale of "Sirens" on USA. This 30 minute sitcom is hilarious and all about a group of EMTs on the job. On Thursday, TV Line shared about the season finale that is coming plus if this show has been renewed or canceled. So far there is no confirmation about if this show is going to return for another season so fans will have to wait. At this time, it could still go either way for the show.

Theresa will have a close call tonight. She works as a cop and her boyfriend Johnny is an EMT. She will make the big choice to take a job with the FBI which also means a move to Washington. Johnny doesn't want her to leave and after being very on again and off again he will actually decide to propose to her.

On Thursday, TV Equals even shared some more spoilers about this finale. This will be episode 10 and is going to be called "Shotgun Wedding." A picture makes it look like they are going to get married and even shows them at the altar ready to tie the knot. It sounds like it won't be an easy trip there though.

In the pictures, Theresa has on a very pretty purple dress but it is not a traditional wedding dress at all. Johnny has on a nice shirt and dress pants. One picture even shows the person who is performing the ceremony on the ground like they passed out. Hopefully that doesn't mean that they will not be able to go through with their wedding. Fans would love to see these two get married at the end of season one.

"Sirens" will air the big season one finale on May 1 on USA. It will air at 9 p.m. CST in the Oklahoma City area. Hopefully it will have great ratings which will prompt USA to renew it for another season. At this time, fans will just have to wait to find out.

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