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Sir Run Run Shaw passes away at 106

The legendary filmmaker passes on
The legendary filmmaker passes on
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Hong Kong cinema and kung fu movies has lost a true legend. Sir Run Run Shaw of the famous Shaw brothers passed away January 7, 2014. The Shaw brothers are the most famous producers of Chinese films and Run Run was the most notable of them.

The Shaw brothers empire started with a modest theater and grew into an international empire. Sir Run Run Shaw oversaw every meticulous detail when it came to his films. And he was not just involved in kung fu films. In the 1980's, he helped to produce the Sci-Fi classic Blade Runner.

By the 1970's, Shaw grew a movie empire that became famous world-wide. And by the 1980's he expanded into television. Shaw was a crafty businessman and made intelligent choices in the running of his empire. In 2011 he stepped down from his executive role in the daily runnings of his business.