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Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's 45th anniversary for solo non-stop circumnavigation

Sir Robin Knox-Johnson on 'Grey Power.'
Sir Robin Knox-Johnson on 'Grey Power.'
Courtesy Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

On April 22, 1969, Robin Knox-Johnston completed the Sunday Times Golden Globe race and became the first person to sail solo non-stop around the world. To set the record he sailed aboard ‘Suhaili’, his 31-foot ketch, from June 14, 1968, and April 22, 1969.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston became the first person to sail solo around the world on April 22, 1969.
Courtesy Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

“It is hard to believe 45 years have passed since the day I completed that first historic circumnavigation. I’m still incredibly proud of the achievement, which was the start of many memorable moments that I am proud of throughout my years at sea,” said Sir Robin.

Knighted in 1995, Sir Robin is one of Britain’s most celebrated mariners. He was the UK's Yachtsman of the Year 3 times, the ISAF sailor of the Year with Peter Blake in 1994 and in 2007 one of the first 6 inductees into the ISAF Hall of Fame.

In 1996 he created the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race to offer people from all walks of life and ages the experience of ocean racing and the opportunity to complete a circumnavigation.

This autumn Sir Robin will compete in a solo transatlantic race, the classic Route du Rhum.

“From time to time I just like being on my own at sea. You know, I just like to be there—just me, the sea and the boat. I’m very relaxed with it. I just wanted to go back and do another race while I still can. I’ve got the boat. I’m still reasonably fit and I thought, ‘Well, better go do this race now,’” said the 75-year-old Sir Robin.