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Sippi Art to show at Chango in Echo Park


Chris Sippi hard at work

His name is Christopher, Chris to some but most everyone knows him as Sippi. Originally from Jackson Mississippi, hence his nick name Sippi, is an Echo Park resident who works by day as a painter of sets in the film industry, a painter of art of his own making by night and he can often found sitting in coffee shops reading books. Which is why his new art showing at the Chango coffee house in Echo Park makes so much sense.

New pieces being created

Chango is an Echo Park staple. Sitting on what is known to locals as “chicken corner” it’s a place where artsy hipster types can be found drinking coffee and talking about this up coming party or that band that is playing down the road on Friday. Much like the office water cooler where people in their white collar lives go to gather and gossip, Chango is that place for the hipster Echo Park crowd. Only Sippi is no hipster. Sippi is what hipsters aspire to be. He might play bass in a band, skateboard like a bad ass, have a smoking hot porn star girlfriend and make really great art but he’s not doing it out of some twisted since of poser irony. That’s just who Sippi is, he’s  a real artist and as real as it gets.

Art by Sippi

He’s not a pretence and his art isn't  pretentious either. But there’s only one real way for you to find out. Head on down to the Chango on Saturday, January 2 between 7:00PM to 10:00PM and see it for yourself. He hasn’t lost his any of his southern charm and has one of the more interesting twitter feeds around, where you can follow his daily life and adventures. Check out the art, have a cup of Joe and maybe say hi to the man behind the beard. 

Sippi Art Opening: Saturday, January 2, 7:00PM to 10:00PM
Chango: 1559 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026