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Siphoning away American’s freedom of speech Part 7 of 7

The Oppression of Controlling Speech

Giving the party in control the power of limiting speech and debate rolls out the red carpet to tyranny! With the control to sow government propaganda throughout the nation without question rests permanent control in the hands of one party or even one person.

Nancy Pelosi declares Hamas a humanitarian organization! An organization the United States lists as a terrorist group. Yet Pelosi and her ilk brand the Tea Party, a nonviolent, peaceful group, interested in preserving the Constitution and establishing an efficient government that is not corrupt, as terrorists. Liberals are intentionally misusing words clouding and subverting the freedom of speech.

Some kids summer camps are banning the kids from commenting on other children’s appearance. While teaching the courtesy of not demeaning others is wise, mandating the speech of children from a very young age seems quite dangerous. It is indoctrinating the children in the heavy handed use of political correctness.

The courtesy in Congress, limiting words like liar and lying in the name of civility only allows those such as Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Dick Durban the freedom to lie without repercussions. It gives them the right, the weapon of incivility while all others have been disarmed by political correctness. They can use the Alinsky methods of lying with impunity. Telling lies that destroy the character and reputation of good people who are their opponents! It has lying evolving into a major tool in our Congress and government.

The manipulation of words, the acceptance of dishonesty and lying amongst our politicians not only usurps our freedom of speech but also opens the door to the usurpation of many more of our freedoms once guaranteed under the Constitution. The acceptance of wholesale lying in our government is a major threat to our democracy.

Political Correctness (PC) has evolved into another (PC), Political Corruption! Political Correctness is a tool used to promote and solidify Political Corruption. Controlling speech, curtailing the Freedom of Speech is a sure way to eliminate the freedom of speech and confrontation of the corrupt.

While liberals see censorship as the way to a more civil society they are misguided. Censorship is not the way to a more civil society. Stopping the conversations is a certain path to corruption and tyranny. It allows those in power to spread propaganda for their own agendas, oppressing their opponents and the people! Once the Freedom of Speech is lost, the other freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution can be systematically usurped.

A favorite expression today is thinking outside the box. Is such thinking possible when conversation and debate are corralled inside a tiny box? Ronald Reagan’s “Shining City on the Hill” Washington D.C. has become a tarnished cesspool on the Potomac, seeping its pollution into the mainstream of America. Perhaps the practice of courtesy and consideration for others is a more practical path.