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Siphoning away American’s freedom of speech Part 6 of 7: The speech police

The speech police

Great Britain is well ahead of America in the implementation of the speech police. They are arresting people for politically incorrect speech. They are banning people from their country like Michael Savage for crossing their PC speech lines! The United States is following the tyranny of Great Britain where some of the first rustlings of democracy were born.

The present administration threw the creator of the Benghazi video (Nakoula Basseley Nakoula) in jail for his work. Making him the villain of the false narrative they were selling to our nation and the world. It was a major precedent in the limiting of American’s free speech rights protected under the Constitution, a giant step to limiting our free speech. Controlling the Benghazi conversation with a lie they used to wrongfully imprison a man against his right of free speech.

As previously pointed out controlling the vocabulary, in so doing corralling the conversation on the government’s terms, dumbing down the debate! Banning words, then making the comparison of other words to those banned so they can ban still more words. A domino affect, first one word eliminated then another and another till truth is bottled up and thrown away.

Common Core is such a tool of those who would shut down the people’s freedoms. Using a government sanctioned standardized nation wide curriculum to indoctrinate children into a narrative, a way of thinking pushing certain agendas that have the people serving politicians instead of politicians serving the people. The federal government is threatening withdrawal of government education funds from those rejecting Common Core, then the government says it is not their program?

These methods turn “Freedom of Speech” into control of speech. Government propaganda using the science of marketing to the purpose of government oppression of the people! Instead of educating people to a higher level, critical thinking as Thomas Jefferson said was necessary for democracy, a government seeking socialism is educating to a lower level, indoctrinating to stupidity, an incubator of the “stilted thinking” required for failed systems of Marxism, socialism and communism to take over.