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Siphoning away American’s freedom of speech Part 5 of 7, Bullying

Bullying away the freedom of speech

The precepts of political correctness assault freedom of speech. Banning words to safeguard people’s feelings! This blurs the boundaries of speech, what people can and cannot say. By banning words we affect conversation and debate. Intelligent discussions are made more difficult.

For instance Attorney General Eric Holder declared American citizens are too cowardly to talk about race. They, Holder and many others are quick to throw out charges of racism if anyone is willing to enter that conversation, if they are of a different party or thoughts. The conversation about race can never be had because those who would talk about it don’t want to be branded as racist. Holder makes the charges but then bullies to avoid the conversation.

Not only the banning of words, but the bending of words, warping of words to manipulate the direction of conversation, directing the course society takes. Multiculturalism is such a word. It is presented to represent an inclusive thinking. Stealthily it has been warped to do the opposite.

Multiculturalism is the accepting of people that look differently, bringing people of different races and religions together. But those who control the multicultural agenda ostracize those of different thinking! While most religions of the world are accepted, including the Muslim extremists, the Christian Religion is under constant and vicious attack. As is the conservative political views and those who carry them.

The same has been done with “Global Warming” changed to “Climate Change” because the facts did not bear out the changes. President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and Global Warming King Pin Al Gore all declare it is settled science. They refer to those disagreeing with them as “Flat Earthers”. But it was those that declared the earth flat that declared it settled science and manipulated the facts to solidify their points by consensus. They ostracized even torture those who believed differently than themselves.

Many of today’s liberals are often offended by truth. When it comes to honest debates using facts they often degrade to name calling and erroneous charges to besmirch their opponent’s character and reputation. They become insane, ranting as slanderous offensive statements come spewing from their mouths like projectile vomiting. They carry on crazily short circuiting any civil and logical debate. Shall we ban truth because they are offended by truth! In essence that is exactly what they are doing, pushing truth from the pulpit of debate.