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Siphoning away American’s freedom of speech Part 4 of 7 Political correctness to

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Using political correctness to oppress

Various targeted interpretations of political correctness can be used as a weapon to control opposing political parties and ideas. It can close the gates to the exchange of ideas, stifling conversation and debate. As we remove words from the dictionary, we impede debate. We make expression more difficult because certain words are made taboo.

We have made the “N” word unmentionable. It is a nasty word designed to diminish an entire race. It is a word designed to oppress. It is a word once used commonly, even in the great literature of Mark Twain. Some wish to remove it from Mark Twain’s books, erasing it from history. Changing our understanding of history! This seems dangerous to me.

When Barack Obama ran for president many called his ideas and positions “socialist”! The liberal mainstream media immediately dubbed socialism the new “N” word. This was designed to make the word taboo! Introducing racism into any use of the word socialist! To erase the word socialism from our lexicon, making it politically incorrect to call Obama a socialist.

So, Obama’s political leanings and stances could not be described with the words being banned. This would limit conversation and debate and the ability to characterize Obama’s politics, policies and goals for the nation. Fortunately it failed, but those assaulting the freedom of speech seeking socialism and government control of the people will not give up. They will only hide for awhile until they think the time is right, find something to offer Americans in trade for their freedom of speech.

Once words are banned and made unmentionable, it opens the door to use that word to ban others, like the media tried to do with the word socialism. It seems language has been censored on the floors of the House and Senate where it is politically incorrect to call a lie a lie and a liar a liar. This affords the Senate Leader Harry Reid to use his pulpit to tell one lie after another.