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Siphoning away American’s freedom of speech Part 3 of 7, Social engineering

Social Engineering

Social engineering its origin 1895-1900 is a noun meaning the application of the finding of social science to the solution of actual social problems. A more modern definition of social engineering is the manipulation of the social position and function of individuals to manage change in society, or the application of sociological principles to specific social problems.

First we must recognize social sciences are ‘soft sciences’! Sciences which are not necessarily subject to proofs, but can easily be manipulated by the agenda’s of those ‘social scientists’. Social science is not like math or engineering where the proof is in the putting. The bridge built on engineering theory falls down, there is the proof.

Social science theory fails it is easily covered up with minutia, maybe even moving forward in history as a success. Much of it is myth used for scientist to feather their academic nests. It is a lot of conjecture, opinion and speculation. Data manipulated like in Global Warming to sell an agenda. Lewis Page wrote, Oregon professor of “sociology and environmental studies Kari Norgaard considers that fuzzy-studies academics such as herself must stand shoulder to shoulder with the actual climate scientists who know some maths in an effort to change society and individuals for their own good.”

Socialism and communism are two such examples. Many without looking at the devastating results “mass murders by those governments” of such economic and social systems advocate for re-instituting those systems. Such people as Paul Krugman and his allied liberals pushing his bastardizing of Keynesian Economics is another such example! Spending his solutions, not what the money is spent on. Krugman even suggested as hoax war with aliens to stimulate spending to solve economic problems.

SANS Network security 2014 while primarily relating to the technical and computer world said this, social engineering is a term that describes a non-technical kind of intrusion that relies on tricking other people! A social engineer runs what used to be called a “con game”! Social engineering is a component of many types of exploitation.

Our government in social engineering at their whim as Greenburg of ESPN’s Mike & Mike Show suggests; is not a slippery slope we gradually slide down, it is a cliff we fall off and stand little chance of returning to the solid ground on top of the cliff. We take political correctness and make it precedent or even law, codifying it into our government.

The Supreme Court then uses it in its decision making in the future and that politically correct precedents become law. A Supreme Court that ignores our constitution and takes precedent from foreign law could easily make a balled up mess out of such precedent. A mess that entangles the people seriously restricting their freedom!

Greenburg’s idea of applying it in a case by case basis places great power in the hands of government. Dangerous power in the hands of a government leaning heavily toward dishonesty, corruption and tyranny! Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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