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Siphoning away American’s freedom of speech Part 2 of 7, Using government

Using government agencies to coerce

Using government agencies to coerce, steering society where government wishes the people to go is a “slippery slope” as we often say. What does that mean? Perhaps a “dangerous precedent” is a better way to say it. If we let the Patent and Trademark Office pressure the Washington Red Skins owner in this case, allowing them to strong arm Daniel Snyder, what is wrong with the IRS targeting Tea Party or patriot conservative groups to harass them out of existence? The IRS using corrupt and illegal methods of harassment of the people if not already doing so they will quickly turn to corruption. Apparently nothing is wrong with it according to our president and his administration.

Those in government wanting to mold society to their vision and control people to the behaviors they wish. They would very much like to be able to use government institutions, power and influence to affect the social change they want. They would like to structure education, regulations and laws to affect these government agencies to conduct social engineering, using the application of sociological principles to specific social problems. Leaving it up to government as to how people should behave and punishing those that do not behave properly according to their standards and visions. Not passing laws to maintain a free and safe society, but for governmental control over society.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has now been given the power to garnish wages for people they deem as breaking environmental regulations. Regulations set up by the agency without Congress passing any laws. They have been given the power to do this without any trail, offenders deemed guilty and punished by the EPA, judge, jury and executioner!

Using the logic and common sense of our Founding Fathers one can see how giving this kind of power to individuals and governments is dangerous. The axiom, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” has been born out many more times than not. There has been the suggestion we are seeing this in the American presidency today.

Even as a young kid thinking about governments, I decided I would rather be the leader in a dictatorship, because I knew what was right and I would do the right things. I didn’t need checks and balances our democracy placed on my ability to do the right thing. Fortunately I outgrew that childish, Pollyanna, elitist type of thinking. Unfortunately many in our government haven’t.

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