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Sinners go to heaven and sinners go to hell

God's message of love, grace, and mercy can be lost in all the religion.
God's message of love, grace, and mercy can be lost in all the religion.

The word of God can be interpreted as a contradiction in human logic if one chooses to go down that road. God’s word declares that He will give you want you want.

The final destination is currently being placed for discussion with the television series “The Leftovers”, a production about the happenings in a small American town three years after the Rapture took place. There have been productions made as “Left Behind” that attempts to explain perhaps the biggest mystery in Christian eschatology.

Confusion reigns supreme in the lives of many people in “The Leftovers”, a not so appealing description of the people rejected by God when 2% of the world’s population disappears in the Rapture. One of the haunting themes of the remnant left on Earth is the rage that people had when perceiving that some raptured were unworthy to go in their eyes, an indictment against God.

There are interesting story lines created as many people left behind had obvious immoral issues that clearly disqualified them as rapture candidates, however there are those that “aren’t so bad”.

The portrayal of indignation of those left behind mirrors the very attitude that many people have against Christians that attend church currently. Some Christians wear their salvation better than others without a doubt, but there is a truth that needs to be addressed. It will also explain why those in the production “The Leftovers” who were left behind believe something inequitable took place when people believed to be “really bad” were raptured.

Sinners go to heaven and sinners go to hell; the difference is how they will respond to God’s gift of grace, not of works lest any man would boast.

The miracle of redemption through salvation is a phenomenon that the angels in heaven marvel about in wonderment. Jesus as the High Priest of the Holy Temple in heaven is constantly making intercession on behalf of the saints.

Naturally there are those that are somewhat angry and resentful that late minute authentic conversions through Christ are just as legitimate to God as those commitments made years, decades, or lifetimes before.

The thief on the cross during Jesus’ crucifixion is an example of God’s grace in action in spite of the time limits when genuine repentance in Christ takes place. The thief merely believed in Jesus’ authority, admitted to his own guilt, and asked for Christ to “remember me”. Jesus did the most amazing affirmation to the thief’s belief by saying, “I say to you today you shall be with Me in Paradise”.

This would probably have angered the Pharisees as much as it angers religious or non-religious people today, or those left behind in the movie “The Leftovers”. This thief did not deserve to go!! Look how badly he acted! He never went to Torah training, gave tithes, or attended the synagogue even once!

God’s discernment can rightly divide a fake confession from a real one. Naturally there are those who will lip service words as an insurance policy just in case what they were told all of their lives was true. However there are those that articulate true sorrow and repentance regardless of time left in this existence. God’s grace and mercy will work for them as well as any other confession regardless.

After all, everyone is a sinner that can be saved through God’s grace. There is no political posturing when determining your righteousness with God… either are or you aren’t.

This is how sinners go to heaven or sinners go to hell.

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