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Sinner Magazine to release A Love Letter to Downtown this Friday

A Love Letter to Downtown launches Friday at 9pm.
A Love Letter to Downtown launches Friday at 9pm.
Ginah Lasta

Correction: The original article was changed to reflect the correct time of 9pm and the flyer was added. ~Mischief

Chances are you probably haven't heard of Sinner Magazine. Having launched at The Foundation Room in June of 2009, the print magazine could not survive the Las Vegas' ad climate mid-recession. So they did what any self-respecting entrepreneur would do... they lived a non-print life on Facebook and twitter at and @SinnerMag.

Sinner's design was simple. A Vegas magazine that focused on and celebrated the SIN of Sin City. To further promote this concept the magazine was divided by the 7 Deadly Sins, so Fashion fell under PRIDE, food and drinks under GLUTTONY, etc.

Vowing to return to print someday, this past June they were aided by Patty Barba of Patty's Closet. A big supporter of the magazine since the very first photo shoot, Barba was determined to see that Sinner have it's day in the Sun.

The past two years had seen the Sinner Team grow at the same time that Social and Mobile Media began exploding at unprecedented levels. Given this, Sinner decided to reduce the print size to a 6x6 mini-magazine that is powered by QR (Quick Response) codes.

This worked on many levels. First, it helped reduce production by as much as 70%. Secondly, it helped gauge reader participation with real analytics and not guess work. And thirdly, and definitely most importantly, adding the QR codes to the ads resulted in Real Analytics for a PRINT ad. Think about this. How many magazines can tell an advertiser how many people looked at and interacted with their ad on any given day? The answer. One.

This past June, 2 years from the original launch date, Sinner re-launched at Bar+Bistro in the Arts Factory with Viva Las Sins. 2 months later they would launch the #Sloth Issue with the beautiful Green Fairy from Absinthe, the incomparable Melody Sweets on the Cover. Then in October, they presented The #Geek Issue for our scanning pleasure. This issue celebrates the geek-chic of Vegas, Social Media managers, tech entrepreneurs, and musicians, photographers and artists breaking ground here in Vegas.

Now this Friday at Downtown Divebar Dino's at 9pm join the SINNER crew as they release their latest effort A Love Letter to Downtown Las Vegas, where more fortunes are won from smart investments than by 2 quarters in a slot machine.

I've seen some of the content for this next issue at SINNER's new production office in Commerce Street Studios and let me tell you, this looks to be the best issue yet, but don't take my word for it.


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