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SINNER Magazine launches The VICE Issue at Lady Silvia's Saturday

What's your VICE? Come see if SINNER Magazine covered it this Saturday.
John Mischief

SINNER Magazine, the independent lifestyle magazine that is trying to revolutionize the print industry, is launching their next historic issue at the swanky, avante garde venue, The Lady Silvia this Saturday.

Enticing new readers with an hour of Stella Artois, they'll be surprised to find a print magazine that encourages readers to read the articles online. Using QR (Quick Response) codes, readers are shot to the website to continue reading the article, watch a video, or check out an advertisers ad.

This issue finds the mag teaming up with daQRi again to augment the cover. If things go as planned, the public will experience something they've never seen before and never in a FREE magazine.

I hope to see everyone there. Minds sufficiently blown!


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