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Sinkholes swallow 3 women, 2 dogs, trampoline, assortment of cars in Feb: Why?

Woman and her dog wall into sinkhole in backyard in Oregon.
Woman and her dog wall into sinkhole in backyard in Oregon.
Various sources

During just a few days in Feb 2014, huge sinkholes have swallowed three women, two dogs, a trampoline, an assortment of cars and other vehicles, and more across the United States and the UK.

In February, in the past few days alone, sinkholes have swallowed a several women, dogs, a trampoline, and a wide variety of vehicles in Oregon, New York, Georgia, and Kentucky in the US, and in the UK.
Various sources

For example, in Oregon and New York, two woman and their dogs had to be rescued from sinkholes, while in Georgia, a woman on her way to work, opened her front door, stepped out, and dropped into a sinkhole. A massive sinkhole in Kentucky gobbled down eight Corvettes, while another one in London swallowed a VW Lupo, and one almost swallowed a trampoline.

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Sinkholes have rapidly become one of the world's many “new normal” events, accepted by the public as "just something that happens." But why is this happening?

There are attempts to put the blame squarely on heavy rainfall and fracking, but not all sinkholes appear in areas where heavy rainfall and fracking are taking place. What then is the cause of this sudden sinkhole uptick?

Sinkholes in increasing numbers and ferocity coincide with the close approach of Planet X (Nibiru) to Earth. Planet X (Nibiru) has been and continues to jerk the Earth around in a daily wobble that is intensifying drastically. Hence the great increase in sinkholes and other earth wobble events, like explosions, trail derailments, collapsing buildings, and more.

In fact, to detail the many sinkholes and other earth-wobble events in the UK this month alone would take more than the space available here, as they are now happening daily, if not several times a day. And the month isn't over yet! They will be covered separately.

The six sinkhole events listed here happened within days of each other, most of the sinkholes opened up "suddenly overnight."

  • On Sunday, Feb 2 in Buffalo, New York, Mattie Moore and her German Shepherd, Mack, survived a scary situation on their early morning walk. Moore got to MLK Park around 5 a.m. It was still dark. The sidewalk where she and her dog were walking was flooded so they moved onto a grassy snow-covered area. Moore suddenly found herself at the bottom of a 10-foot-deep sinkhole. As she tried to pull herself out, Mack, trying to help his owner, fell head first into the hole as well. Moore said everything happened so quickly she's not sure if the ground gave way under her or if the sinkhole was already there. Moore was able to get out of the hole, but unable to rescue her dog. She credits Buffalo Fire and Police Department with saving her dog’s life.
  • Also on Sunday, Feb 2 in London, a sizeable sinkhole measuring 30 ft. deep swallowed a VW Lupo in the driveway of Phil and Liz Conran's home in High Wycombe. The sinkhole opened "overnight."
  • On Wednesday, Feb 5 in Atlanta, Georgia, a sinkhole opened on Aaron Kent's front doorstep. As Kent's wife was leaving for work that morning, she opened the front door, stepped out, and plunged into an 8 ft. deep by 12 ft. wide sinkhole, which had opened up "overnight." Kent managed to pull his wife to safety. Fortunately, she suffered only cuts and bruises.
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  • On Wednesday, Feb 12 in southeast London, a sinkhole deeper than a double-decker bus opened in Gretel Davidson’s backyard "overnight," almost swallowing her daughter’s trampoline. Davidson thought her daughter Mia, 12, was exaggerating when she called her to say a huge black hole had appeared in the middle of their lawn. Davidson said, 'I didn't really believe her and just thought she was going over the top. It is just unbelievable to think a hole that size could appear "overnight" and out of nowhere.
  • Also on Wednesday, Feb 12, a massive sinkhole yawned open in Bowling Green, Kentucky at the Corvette Museum, swallowing eight Corvettes. The massive sinkhole started to form sometime before 5:30 a.m. CT.
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  • On Tuesday, Feb 18 in Portland, Oregon, a woman and her dog fell into a 20-ft-deep sinkhole that opened in her backyard. The woman's small poodle mix fell into the sinkhole. The woman looking for her dog that night in her dark Portland backyard, also dropped into the sinkhole, more than 3 feet in diameter. Fortunately, a neighbor heard her calls for help, called 911, and both woman and dog escaped unharmed.

So many cars, trucks, and other assorted vehicles as well as buildings, pipelines, and more have fallen prey to sinkholes in just this month alone that it’s next to impossible to keep an accurate count.

Planet X (Nibiru) is real. The earth wobble exists. The pole shift is coming. Prepare.

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