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Sinkhole swallows another woman and her car: Sinkhole saga accelerates

Yet another car with yet another woman falls into a sink hole
Yet another car with yet another woman falls into a sink hole
NBC, Google maps, et al

Yet another sinkhole swallows yet another woman, this time in her driveway. On Friday afternoon, Feb 21, 2014, a Long Island woman and her car were swallowed by a sinkhole that opened in her driveway as she was returning home. The sinkhole saga not only continues but accelerates with each passing day.

Gayle Sorrentino of Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York, was returning home from an acupuncture appointment on Friday afternoon. The sinkhole made no sound as Sorrentino's car just slid into it, with Sorrentino still inside. Fortunately, she was unhurt in the incident.

Sorrentino said "I pulled in looking at my beautiful backyard and then I was looking at a mound of dirt. The car went in at like a straight angle. I was only afraid—the sand around started to come down a little bit, and I just didn't know if it was going to stay stationary or going to collapse."

How many sinkhole incidents will it take before we can come to grips with "the fact" that sinkholes are here to stay? They're not isolated or freak incidents. Sinkholes are now old news! They happen all the time, everyday, around the world.

In fact, you should expect them to increase in frequency (as they are) as we approach the time of Pole Shift. The earth wobble caused by Planet X (Nibiru) is "off the charts" and so the sinkhole saga continues to unfold.

The question is, "What next?"

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