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Sinkhole epidemic: Georgia woman steps out front door, disappears in sinkhole

Sinkhole opens and swallows woman exiting house in Atlanta, Georgia
Sinkhole opens and swallows woman exiting house in Atlanta, Georgia
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Sinkhole epidemic? On Wednesday morning, a Georgia woman opened the front door, stepped out, and plunged into a sinkhole. Georgia is a stretch zone state.

Sinkholes in Georgia - Georgia is in a stretch zone

The sinkhole opened up on the front door step of Aaron Kent, an Atlanta homeowner. His wife was leaving the house for work. She opened the front door, stepped outside, and fell into an 8 ft. deep, 12 ft. wide sinkhole.

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The Kents have lived in this house for more than 40 years and never before had a sinkhole problem. Other than a few cracks in the driveway, they had no warning. Kent managed to pull his wife to safety, who despite tumbling into the giant sinkhole, suffered only cuts and bruises.

Kent says the sinkhole was not there the night before. Sinkholes frequently open up without warning in stretch zones, where rock is pulled apart and stretched until it fractures. Stretch zones in the United States are the result of stress put on the North American tectonic plate, as it is stretched diagonally from the Southwest to the Northeast due to pressure put on it by Planet X (Nibiru) in the neighborhood.

Georgia is a stretch zone state, and no stranger to stretch zone incidents: Sinkholes, loud booms, explosions, and other stretch zone calamities.

Per the Zetas of ZetaTalk, stretch zone incidents are not earthquake events. In stretch zones, rock pulls apart or snaps, creating not only sinkholes, but also the loud booms, vibration and shaking, and hums being heard and experienced by so many around the world. These stretch zone symptoms only happen with major plate movement.

With the increase in stretch zone incidents - loud booms, moaning, humming, and other sounds coming from the ground, the powers-that-be are left with the dilemma of finding new and improved ways of explaining these sounds away.

A sampling of stretch zone calamities in Georgia for the past year:

In January 2013, loud booms were heard in Fish Creek, Homerville, and inside Lakeland city limits. One caller reported the noise was so loud it shook the windows of their home.

In February, Earl Kendrick looked out his window in Leslie, Georgia, to discover his 20 by 60 ft. cement swimming pool had popped out of the ground – it just rose up out of the ground and there it stayed. Also in February,

  • (Feb 13) A sinkhole opened and consumed a pecan tree on the Sherwood Christian Academy campus, and it wasn't anywhere near the size of two other massive sinkholes that opened up in the park.
  • Around the corner from Sherwood on Old Pretoria road, another sinkhole opened, joining two other sinkholes that opened up in Dougherty and Worth Counties.
  • (Feb 18) Atlanta residents reported hearing loud booms at around 7 p.m. when underground explosions shot several manhole covers (each weighing about 425 lbs.) about 6 to 7 ft. into the air, cracking them in half.

In March, loud booms heard again in Fish Creek, and in Bleckley County, a sinkhole drained a 2.5 acre pond on Oliver Hodge’s property. Around 2 a.m., he heard a loud roar "like a freight train." When he got up in the morning, the 2.5-acre pond was completely drained.

In April in Clinch County, Sheriff Winston Peterson’s office received loud-boom reports. In Barlow County, loud booms and shaking reported were later linked to an explosion at the Bowen Power Plant near Cartersville. What caused the power plant explosion?

In June, loud booms were heard and reported to police in Smyrna, and in July, sinkholes kept popping up in Lori Woroschuk's yard. At last count, there were five.

In early December, mysterious loud booms heard and reported via social media in Atkinson County and Homerville, and in Tift County. Also in December,

  • (Dec 02) Loud booms and shaking in the areas of Tifton, Sycamore, Enigma, Brookfield, and near the Tift-Turner-Worth County line.
  • (Dec 15) Loud booms in Atlanta.
  • (Dec 20) Tri-County 911 Center received calls about loud booms heard in Clinch, Atkinson, and Lanier counties.
  • (Dec 28) Loud booms Homerville
  • (Dec 30) Loud booms in Happyville area of Homerville
  • (Dec 31) Loud booms in Homerville
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