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Sinkhole, crane collapse, house collapse in UK on same day: Something is shakin'

Would a sinkhole, crane collapse, and house collapse in UK on same day convince you something’s shakin’? Something other than coincidence?
Would a sinkhole, crane collapse, and house collapse in UK on same day convince you something’s shakin’? Something other than coincidence?
Manchester Evening News

Would a sinkhole, a crane collapse, and a house collapse in UK on same day convince you the earth wobble is much worse? That something other than coincidence is definitely happening?

UK shakes, rattles, and rolls: Houses fall, cranes tip, sinkholes open
twelvesouls/google map
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There is unquestionably a “whole lotta’ shakin’ goin’ on,” not only in the UK, but all over the world, thanks to the intensifying earth wobble. In the UK on Thursday alone in Northwood, a sinkhole opened in the morning and a crane collapsed and flattened a house in the afternoon, while around noon in Manchester a building collapsed.

Let's start with the sinkhole. What could cause a good-sized section of road to suddenly collapse? On Thursday morning, a sinkhole, 6 ft. deep by 6 ft. wide, opened in Pinner Road, Northwood. At first the Hillingdon Council thought the cause might have been a collapsed Thames Water drain cover, but that was discounted by Nigel Dicker, Deputy Director of Public Safety and Environment.

And, as if that was not enough earth wobble activity for one day in Northwood, a few hours later (shortly after 4 p.m.), a crane jib collapsed, squashing a house. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the residents had to be evacuated.

The reason for the sinkhole and the crane collapse may escape the engineers and so-called "experts," but what is happening is remarkably clear to anyone with even a smidge of knowledge about Planet X (Nibiru), the earth wobble, and the coming Pole Shift.

Also on Thursday in the UK, a building in Manchester once home to a renowned poet suddenly collapsed in the town center. It seems debris had been falling from the two-story property, which had bowed outward by about a foot. Police cordoned off the building and an engineer was sent up in a cherry picker for a closer look. Moments later, after the engineer removed only a single brick near the roof, the entire structure came crashing down with a rumble and a roar, collapsing into a pile of rubble.

This is the "new normal." Earth wobble events like this happen around the world every day, often within hours or even minutes of each other.

If a sinkhole, building collapse, and falling crane (within hours of each other) are not enough to convince you something foul is afoot – like a rapidly intensifying Planet X (Nibiru)-caused earth wobble and a fast approaching Pole Shift – then perhaps adding a few other recent earth-change events to the mix will help to clarify it.

To name just a few signs of the times in the last couple of days:

  • Earthquake swarms around the world in places like Iceland, and in the US, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Kansas, Oregon, and Yellowstone Park (with bison running for their lives down a Yellowstone Park road - VIDEO)
  • Quake swarms at volcanoes like Mount Hood in Oregon and Grímsvötn in Iceland, which includes a melting glacial flood at the Grímsvötn volcano
  • Collapsing buildings in Kentucky and South Carolina
  • Sinkholes and water main breaks in New York and Wisconsin
  • Loud booms and rumbling in Oklahoma and Alabama (per USGS not an earthquake).

And, let us not forget, all the exploding exploding buildings, gas pipelines, and manhole covers.

Is it possible that the approaching Planet X (Nibiru) and intensifying earth wobble are to blame? Are the tectonic plates on the move? You bet!

Be prepared for a whole lot more.

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