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'Sinkhole' brings awareness to depression

Black Sheep Collective

There have been many articles and discussions recently on the subject of depression. Naturally, these discussions have been brought to the forefront due to the untimely passing of actor Robin Williams. Williams fought a battle with depression, a battle he ultimately and heartbreakingly lost. Mental health issues are not easily discussed and there remains a sort of “keep it in the dark” mentality surrounding depression. For those who live with, fight against and negotiate depression it might be described as a deep hole, one which is desperately difficult to escape. There are times, hopefully, when thoughtful compassion can ease the pain, sympathetic art can mend the hurt and awareness can let in the light.

The Boulder-based performance group Blacksheep Collective will present “Sinkhole”, “a site-specific installation performance exploring depression, alienation and solitude. We brace the surface of loneliness to acquaint ourselves with the depths of melancholy through an elemental based installation inhabited by movement, rhythm, words and experimental sound.” Exploring the idea that depression is quite universal, showing no bias towards race, age, or socioeconomic groups, the piece is performed by Ye Taik, Mary Mouser, Colin Delagy, Malachi Tharp, Catlin Buck, Lora Ficke, Marcella DelaPaz, Michael Blendermann, Leo Soula-Hutchison, Eamonn Wilcox. Concept and choreography by Ye Taik and Mary Mouser.

“Sinkhole” performs two nights this weekend. Perhaps a little art, compassion and understanding can help to mend hearts, ease the loneliness and shine some light. Check out the details below.

Friday August 29th &
Saturday August 30th
8:30 sharp
4919 N. Broadway #52, Boulder

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