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Sink your teeth into One Tooth activewear - lookin' good inside the gym and out

Have fun, get fit and look fabulous... in One Tooth gym/street activewear.
Have fun, get fit and look fabulous... in One Tooth gym/street activewear.
Photo courtesy of One Tooth Activewear
Charlotte, Lori and Alison have a remarkable bond based on some uncanny similarities: They're all teachers who live and work in the same community; they're married with three children; and they're avid running partners who have brought the One Tooth Tech Activewear franchise to Edmonton.

In fact, it was after a regular jogging routine that Charlotte introduced One Tooth activewear to the group.

"We felt the fabric and immediately thought it was something special," says Lori, who handles the marketing. "And when we visited the factory in Vancouver we understood the quality of the clothing... that there's Canadian women sewing them... that this was real."

When you purchase One Tooth activewear you can be sure that you are supporting a 100 percent Canadian owned and operated company, and that you're getting  good quality at great prices. You'll find yourself checking tags twice as you realize you're paying half the price than similar fabrics and styles found elsewhere. 
The clothing is comfortable, breathable and durable. "Our cottons are pre-washed so they maintain their original shape," explains Lori. "And our fabric is yarn-dyed (each fibre dyed separately) so the colours don't fade."
And in this activewear line, you can be sure to move from the gym to out and about on the town with ease. The styles are modern and fresh, with bright and bold hues as accents. 
"One of our clients calls our pants 'fake-out pants'," explains Lori. "Simply team a jacket or blazer with our pants and you instantly look ready for the office."
For spring 2010, watch for more great styles and new 'welded' fabrics. "These are items that are welded together rather than sewn," says Lori. "They're completely water and wind resistant."
Watch also for the brand Recco, which means a bar code attached to certain activewear items can be easily detected in the event you're buried in an avalanche or missing on a hike (the Recoo device 'bounces back' a signal to operators of the device - mainly search and rescue teams).
"We've learned to do one thing well," says Lori. "And that's providing good quality and fashionable activewear." And yes, this triple threat trio is doing just that! 
There's now a One Tooth activewear store in the High Street area: 
12515 - 102 Avenue


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