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Singles Mingle Survival Guide

With every season that comes in Western New York comes a singles mingle. These parties often organized by radio stations, churches, or other social organizations commonly themed around the season and are a great way to meet multiple women that you find interesting and dateable. The following tips will tip the odds in your favor of finding a favored female at your next singles mingle.


I.Go in a group

Going with a group of your male friends, divides the nerve factor and the tension involved with attending such an event. You will also find that many of the women there are in groups with their girlfriends, creating opportunity for multiple intermingling among your two groups.


II.Limit your alcohol consumption

Sometimes, an open bar is an added value of attending such a social gathering. Though a drink will help break the ice and your jitters, too many Miller Lites will derail your dating mission, and frequently you will find many inebriated individuals who literally can’t keep their head in the game.


III.Don’t dress too flashy

Commonly, these parties will have a focus around a certain era or element of pop culture. It’s okay to dress up, but you want women to draw attention to your personality, not the day glo pink dolphin shorts you’re wearing that are three sizes too tight.


IV.Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed
Because singles mingles are sometimes perceived in the same light as taking out a personal ad, men can find themselves humiliated by the fact that they’re finding a female at a singles mingle. Remember these two principles. First off, everybody else is there for the exact same reason. Secondly, social media outlets have become a more common way to create relationships, thanks to sites like myspace and facebook. Going to a singles party adds the element of actually meeting people you’d otherwise be having an instant message conversation with.


V.Don’t get discouraged if you strike out

No man is perfect for every single woman out there. Don’t try too hard to make a connection by overdisclosing, and don’t get down if you don’t make a connection during a speed dating session. Getting down and depressed will begin to affect your effectiveness to positively express your qualities to the other women you will meet during the rest of the mingle.



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