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Singles, have fun tonight!

Have fun tonight!!!
Have fun tonight!!!
Photographer: Nicholas Tarling

Going out in South Florida for singles is a nightly activity. This town is a playground for the party people that are fortunate enough to reside here. There are nightclubs, bars and restaurants pumped with energy on every corner. From Blue Martini, to Yolo, to Bova Prime to the W Hotel, singles of all ages pile in every night, in search of meeting someone fantastic. Although, the scene is fun and inviting, the partying sometimes becomes a chore…and a bore. Singles spend so much time and energy trying to meet their next significant other that they are forgetting to enjoy the moment, to even enjoy the friends they are trekking around town with. 

I have been told that some people are intimidated by groups and will only approach someone if they are alone, and I have had friends that will go off on their own, for the sole purpose, of being available to these intimidated seekers. As crazy as that sounds, it seems that singles are willing to entertain a variety of strategies in the hopes of meeting that perfect someone. Yet, I have always found that when I am out with my friends and we are laughing and having a great time, both men and women are drawn to us. These may not be your next fabulous ‘it’ people, but they usually end up being the most fun people in the room. They are there to have a good time, and they genuinely add to your fun. When I walk into a place; the first people I always notice are the ones that are laughing or joking with their friends; the people that are having a great time, not the ones standing in the corner scoping the place for someone they would like to talk to. 

Happy people are so incredibly attractive on so many levels, they radiate fun and excitement. So next time you are out, have fun, completely unrestrained, genuinely, laugh until you cry, fun. You will undoubtedly find that it is infectious and you will suddenly be part of a larger group than you started with. If your soul mate is in the house, they will surely notice you in all the glory of your most beautiful quality. If not, you may just have a really awesome time, with the friends that you already love and the new ones that are just adding to the moment. Isn’t that really what it is all about anyway?

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  • lisa 5 years ago

    I love this!

  • Sunshine 5 years ago

    I Love your Articles....They are always so Positive and Upbeat.
    Again....I look forward to your next one. Thanks Victoria.

  • jerseygirl 5 years ago


    Thanks for writing this one! Besides for memmories of Blue Martini and Yolo (I still love that name!), it's so true that having fun is the best attribute of beauty! It's true when you first meet someone and it's true forever. I have so many great memories associated with the phrase: "have fun, completely unrestrained, genuinely, laugh until you cry, fun" - Thanks!

  • Sue 5 years ago

    Great article!

  • ironwife 5 years ago

    What an amazing article! It gave me inspiration to make more people laugh and hang out with more positive people then I already hang out with!! Loved it and will keep reading them because you inspire a lot of people Victoria! Thank you!

  • happyboy 5 years ago

    The perspective of the woman is "having fun". Fun comes in so many different flavors. Whats fun to you may not be so fun to someone else. You take joy in finding and hanging out with the people that are laughing, others may have fun in seeking out an individual who may be a future companion. I think this all comes down to the attitude of the night and what your feeling!! Just saying