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Single woman and over 30? You're not weird

So all time you're hearing these type of questions. You're still single? When are you getting married? You don't have any kids? Makes you rub your forehead and close your eyes really tight right? Everyone wants you to be like them. Ok, so you're in your 30's and you don't have the Husband, white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a dog. My question is, who cares?! You're single, it's not a disease, half the time people never ask you your reason for being single like maybe you actually enjoy sleeping in on Saturdays or enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon at the park having lunch with friends. Or, brace yourselves now.. You're very happy and actually enjoy your single life! Doing what you want, when you want doesn't sound too bad does it? Whatever reason you may have or even if you're tired of living this single life, don't take it for granted. Enjoy every part of your life because even though having that special someone can feel like bliss just remember you are dealing with another human being and learning them everyday. That takes time, patience and effort if you're really committed. Just sit back and think about what you really want. Turn off the TV's and stop looking at other people's relationships. Yes, it looks fun and easy breezy on TV, Instagram, and Facebook. (It's supposed to!) No one is going to post arguments and disagreements or when they are disciplining their children for showing out in public. Everyone gives you the illusion of these magical relationships. Not saying that it can't be magical but, it will be the magic that you will create in YOUR OWN relationship! Remember that every relationship is unique and yours will be too, when you're ready.