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Single mom wins Juicy J's twerking scholarship without having to twerk

According to The Huffington Post on Tuesday, Rapper Juicy J has awarded a $50,000 "twerking scholarship" to a young woman who didn't even have to twerk for the hefty prize.

Back in August the Memphis rapper, who is currently topping the charts with Katy Perry, tweeted that he was offering a $50,000 scholarship to “the best chick who can twerk.” While some wondered if it was a joke that went viral, Juicy J followed through on his tweeted word and partnered with to launch the “Juicy J Scholarship Foundation” competition.

Juicy has now revealed the winner of the contest, and she earned the money without even having to twerk. That’s because the rules of the contest said the winner did not actually need to dance on camera in order to get the prize.

In a video posted today on World Star Hip Hop, Juicy J surprises Zaire Holmes, a 19-year-old student at the State College of Florida, with the scholarship.

While Holmes may be a biology major, she scored big on reading comprehension when, according to a press release, she read the complete rules of the competition and realized that there was no twerking required. As the press release unequivocally stated, Holmes “did not twerk her way to the money,” which was paid directly to the State College of Florida for her 2015 tuition.

Last August, the rapper announced the formation of what was originally deemeda "twerking" scholarship, though he later admitted entrants did not actually need to twerk and that he was merely going to give the funds to the college-bound recipient who needed it most, he told XXL.

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