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Single Mom Discovers Simple Way To Make Money From Home

Sarah Thompson & Her Two Kids
Sarah Thompson & Her Two Kids
Sarah Thompson

A few years ago, Sarah Thompson, a single mother of two, was having a really hard time paying her bills and taking care of her kids until her friend told her of a way to make money from home.

“I had heard of people making money from the Internet before but I never really thought I could do it or was scared they were scams. But since my good friend told me how he was making money, I decided to give it a try.”

Mrs. Thompson was always working two jobs just to put food on the table and barely had enough time to take care of her kids. “I was really worried about me and my families future as I was living paycheck to paycheck and didn’t have the time I needed to spend with my kids. Once I started this make money from home program, my life changed.”

The opportunity she is speaking about is running a drop ship e-commerce website. “In the past, there was no way someone like me could have run an online web store. But now with companies offering drop ship programs, anyone from anywhere in the world can operate one of these stores.”

How does it work?

“The way it works is that you just have to set up a simple website and sell other peoples products. You don’t have to buy them or manage any inventory. The companies handle all of the shipping and handling and you get a commission from each sale.”

As more people are now comfortable making purchases online, there is a huge opportunity for individuals to make money from home selling products without having to spend any money on inventory.

Examiner got an exclusive interview with Sarah on how this business works:

Examiner: How long did it take for you to start making money?

Sarah: I would say I started generating revenue within five weeks. But I was able to make enough money to leave my two jobs after six months. I have been doing this for over a year and I make more money now and spend half the time working then I used to.

Examiner: Don’t most people buy stuff from Amazon?

Sarah: No. The problem with Amazon is that they cannot service every niche that is out there. People who shop online are searching for very specific products and also want good information about that product. Amazon can’t do that. Because they are so big they can’t service every niche as well as one site that focuses ONLY on a specific type of product.

Examiner: How do you make money from doing this?

Sarah: There are many highly reputable companies out there that want to sell more products and are willing to give you a commission for each sale (usually around 30%).

The way it works is like this:

Step 1 - I put up a simple website that costs me very little (sometimes for free) around one specific type of product and provide good information about it as well.

Step 2 – I set up an e-commerce checkout system via Shopify (a free online shopping cart system)

Step 3 – The customer buys a product from me and then the company I am working with handles all of the shipping and customer service.

I now just made a commission from the sale.

Examiner: What types of products do you sell?

Sarah: All different kinds. The key thing is to find products that sell for between $200 - $900. This means I profit $60 to $270 from each sale! You don’t want to sell anything lower than $200 because you won’t make that much money.

Examiner: Can anyone do this?

Sarah: No. While you can make good money from this, it is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is a real business and you are selling real products by highly reputable companies. So you have to treat it like a business. The only people I recommend this opportunity to are those who are willing to work hard and learn how to do it right. But for those who are willing to put the time in, there is a lot of money that can be made.

Examiner: How much money?

Sarah: Well the idea is that once you have your first online store set up, then you can open up another one, and then another one. The idea is to keep replicating the system over and over again. I know some people making over a million a year. But most people are making over $100k. It really just comes down to how much you want to work.

The reason why I did this is so that I can be with my kids and not have to work all the time. So I am making good money, but also have time for me and my kids. It really depends on what your goals are.

Examiner: How did you learn how to set everything up?

Sarah: There is a community I joined where they taught me step-by-step what I needed to do and literally held my hand throughout the entire process. There are over one thousand people in this community and they all support each other.

If it wasn’t for this community there is no way I could have done this on my own. They teach you how to select and find the products, how to set up the website, and how to manage the entire business from start to finish. Any time I have a question there is someone in the community to help me.

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