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Single malt scotch record: Auction of single malt scotch breaks world record

A single malt scotch record was broken at a recent auction held in Hong Kong. On Jan. 20, MSN reported that a rare bottle of Macallan whisky (sic) sold for over $600,000 making it the most expensive single malt ever. The 6-liter bottle exceeded expectations, soaring $100,000 over the projected price range. Interestingly enough, Macallan took the record from itself -- back in 2010, a 64-year-old Macallan Whisky bottle sold for $460,000 and held the world record for the past 3+ years.

You might be wondering why this particular single malt scotch is fetching so much money -- well, it's because there were only four Imperiale "M" Decanters ever made by the Scottish distillery according to MSN.

The single malt scotch record was simply shattered in this auction. According to the report, high-end whiskey has become a hot commodity on the alcohol market. It has made a name for itself and has become a competitor to fine wine, which can also cost you a pretty penny if you're into that sort of thing. The things one would look for when it comes to scotch vs. fine wine are pretty similar as well:

"When investing in whisky, the main drivers of price are quality and rarity, he said, similar to wine. In the case of the Macallan M, it was a combination of the quality and rarity of the whiskey as well as the decanter designed by French crystal maker Lalique," explained Robert Sleigh, head of wine, Sotheby's Asia.

Breaking the single malt scotch record again won't be easy -- but it will be interesting to see just how long this particular bottle of Macallan keeps its crown.

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