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Single malt scotch record: $628,000 record sale, rare bottle one expensive drink

Single malt scotch image and glasses
Photo File, Whiskey Intelligence Blog

A single malt scotch record was made this week after an incredibly rare bottle of Macallan whiskey sold for an unbelievable $628,000 at a major auction. That makes for one expensive bottle, yet for interested buyers who have the time, money, and passion for liquor, it might also be considered the purchase of a lifetime. NBC News reports on this pricey buy of booze this Monday, Jan. 20, 2014.

The single malt scotch record proved that overall scotch sales are anything but on the rocks this 2014. A highly expensive and rare bottle of untouched Macallan whiskey recently set the world record for the most costly purchase of single malt whiskey that has ever been sold at an open auction, fetching a stunning price of $628,000.

It appears that the 6-liter bottle of this much desire Macallan “M” is encased in a beautiful crystal decanter, and sold at well over half a million dollars in Hong Kong during the renowned Sotheby auction It was only anticipated to sell anywhere between $100,000 to $300,000 less, but apparently estimators didn’t realize the full value and allure this expensive held for some prospective buyers.

Fortunately, all of the money made in the “M” Decanter single malt whiskey scotch record will not simply be going into the auctioneer’s pocket. Instead, the proceeds will be distributed to a variety of in-need Hong Kong charities.

To put into perspective how rare and valuable tehse Decanters were, only four Imperiale versions were ever “brewed and boxed” by the famous Scottish distillery. While wine has often been seen as the costly liquor of choice for selling in recent decades, the prospects of whiskey, including single malt whiskey, are rising steadily this 2014.

"In 2009, we only sold a handful of wines. Now that the market is expanding, and buyers become more sophisticated and knowledge, whisky becomes a part of that," Robert Sleigh, head of wine, Sotheby's Asia told CNBC on Monday.

Concludes the press release on the $628,000 sale:

“When investing in whisky, the main drivers of price are quality and rarity, he said, similar to wine. In the case of the Macallan M, it was a combination of the quality and rarity of the whisky as well as the decanter designed by French crystal maker Lalique, Sleigh added.”

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