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Single life fun


Songs proclaim that "one is the loneliest number", yet being unattached in a city like Dallas leaves a single person feeling anything but lonely. The numerous eateries, coffee shops, and bars in downtown are always inviting and lively, which makes for great opportunities to meet like-minded Dallasites. New friendships and even relationships can be initiated by a chance meeting at the supermarket or a happy hour, thus downtown relationships advice is not just for those currently in relationships. Relevancy all depends on what you're looking for, so whether you are perfectly happy with your single life, searching for Mr. Right, or even Mrs. Right Now, this one's for you.

Single in the city? Here are a few suggestions of places to make new friends and possibly meet that special someone.                       

1. Urban Market - What a place to strike up a conversation; right between the shampoo and body wash! The grocery store is a great place to make small talk about similar food or wine interests. Just make one comment about a particular item, and you never know where the conversation might lead. The best part about it is that Urban Cafe is right next door, so the two of you can grab a coffee or lunch if the mood strikes you.

2. The Park - The new Main Street Park or Founder's Square are not just a great places to take your dog for a walk anymore. Perhaps talk to that girl with the German Sheppard or the guy with the Schnauzer. Founder's Square has some great space for letting your dog play, and Main Street Park is just perfect for good conversation with its cool urban-esque features.

3. Happy Hour - Hit up any downtown happy hour on a weeknight and you're likely to find groups of guys and girls unwinding after a hectic work day. Many friendships and relationships have developed from such meetings. Boasting the best happy hour downtown is Ravenna, with Sol Irlandes coming in a close second, according to  Happy hours are also a great way to have drinks and conversation without the noise of a DJ or the haze of too many vodka tonics.

4. Bar/Club - No list of potential hangouts for singles would be complete without mention of the weekend. Friday and Saturday nights in downtown are the perfect times to let loose and dress to impress. A night out with friends that includes a little drink at LIFT Lounge and some dancing at Plush makes for a really fun time.

These are obviously not suggestions that suit everyone, but they are some ideas to get out and meet people in the city.  Think about things you enjoy doing and share them with others!  Remember that it's not about what you do with your time, but who you're with when you're doing it.  So make a new friend or hang out with your lover, just make sure to have a good time doing it.

Other great singles hangouts: local church groups, Frankie's, and some other sites for Dallas singles hangouts at  Best Singles's Scene, photo courtesy of flickr

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  • Connie Reed 5 years ago

    Great suggestions. I really like that you placed the german sherpard with the girl and the schnauzer with the guy. Such a liberal!

  • Diana 5 years ago

    Single life can be fun! I have a friend that just became single and is loving it so much, my married friend is a bit envious.

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