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Single Ladies: Will I benefit from marriage?

As new live women ( single and independent)become the norm, is it safe to say a woman cannot benefit from marriage?

Marriage for the single mom:Is it possible?
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From a high income status, a single woman can contest marriage as long as she possibly desires. She can reject altogether if she truly feels inspired to do so. But what about low-income, single women? Can unwedded women, low-income women really reject marriage in our modern day society?

Statistics are revealing that single, low-income women really cannot afford to be unmarried and poor. In fact, single, low-income women tend to face major economic hurdles simply because they are unmarried.

According to statistics a woman is better off if she waits to have children until marriage. Single and with children is one of the many reasons women in poverty is a growing demographic in America.

In the book Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich , Barbara explains why a poor woman cannot marry a man of equal poverty level or less than herself. Otherwise, she must go through a few marriages to get out of poverty.

If you really want to get married, your best bet is to invest in yourself, particularly in your education. Well-educated women find it easier to get married.When a woman is well-educated she has a better chance at making a stable income and living in a community where she can find a well-educated, employed mate to ask her “ will you marry me?”.

As a poor woman with very little education and kids, your chances of getting out of poverty or getting married become slimmer year after year.

Why? The answer: You have to raise children alone while still finding a way to be the reliable bread winner. It’s not easy. Wealthy women have a choice when to marry because (in theory) they have better suitors and more financial resources at hand they have earned or inherited. Poor women: the clock is always ticking when it comes to living a better life style.

Don’t get it twisted. Marriage should come from a place of love and happiness,but if you have intent to have a family someday, you need to look at dating and marriage realistically. Don’t shrink your independence for marriage,but also be aware of what disadvantages you have to face as a single woman.

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