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Single Husbands by Honey B

If you ask any single woman, over the age of 35, she will tell you that men do not commit, even if they are married. New York Times best seling author, Mary "Honey B" Morrison, dives head first into the subject of married men who still want have their cake and eat it too. Brian and Michelle are a power couple who are separated at least three days a week, and Brian uses that time to have affairs. Michelle doesn't know that Brian has affairs, but someone does and that someone is determined to bring his secret life to light. Hershel and Nikki, are the poor man's version of Oprah and Steadman. Nikki is a very successful celebrity chef and Hershel secretly resents his wife's success. Hershel has a mistress and ten year old son, and a male mistress who all live off of Nikki's money. But for how long? Lexington and Donna, are the typical story of a successful woman giving up her career for her marriage. A few years into their marriage and two kids later, Lexington resents Donna because of her percieved lack of ambition and care about her appearance. So he takes to sexing Nikki and going to sex clubs, but he is in for a surprise. This book is predictable, yet enjoyable.