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Single dad Edde Osborne TCE choice for Father of the Year

Edward ‘Edde’ Osborne may be best known, in his circles, for his ability to make a saxophone talk, yet Edde Osborne is a successful Father despite insurmountable odds. He has accomplished what many musicians fail to consider; putting his career on hold to raise his child.

Father and daughter outing
Edward Osborne
Edde Osborne Solo Musician
Francine Adams

Edward hails from the Bronx, NY, a product of Throggs Neck Projects where he grew up with his father, mother and two brothers. Edward had a promising future when he taught himself to play piano at the age of seven. His musical inspiration came from his mother who played in the church. Edward was becoming a gifted musician who excelled in music at school, winning a summer music scholarship to The University of New Hampshire, not once but twice. He also won awards to take private lessons at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Edward began playing in churches and schools, in The All City Band and the All Borough Band. He learned to play the flute, the tenor sax, the soprano saxophone and later the alto saxophone. He learned to read musical scores and to conduct, and attributes thanks to his music teacher, Mr. Marvin Yudell, who recognized Edward's talent in music. and so Mr. Yudell would extend his musical knowledge to Edward. He had stints at Philly International Records and BMI publishing. As an aside, he once landed a bit part with Placido Domingo and Deniece Williams in “Samson and Delilah” at the New York Metropolitan Opera. So what happened with this promising musician?

At a tender age Edward’s mother succumbed to high blood pressure and passed away. Edward fell victim to the mean streets of the Bronx. During this tumultuous time Edward had a daughter, however, he lost touch with her in the early years. Yet, he searched for her and when her mother was about to lose custody, this was the impact Edward needed to wake up and he turned to religion to save himself and subsequently, his daughter. He cleaned up his act in order to get custody of his daughter. Edward raised Syreeta, singlehandedly, since the age of five. He continued to pursue his musical growth but his daughter became the primary focus in his life and he turned down offers to go on the road. It was a bumpy ride at first, schooling was not easy but Edward worked with Syreeta’s teachers until she emerged as a National Honor Society student. Syreeta graduated from high school as a National Honor student and received a Merit Scholarship to college, majoring in International Business. Now 19 years of age Syreeta will begin her next semester as a junior. This year, Syreeta Osborne, was awarded a grant to travel and study in Taiwan, China with proud father Edward looking on.

Says Edward, "The success of my daughter is primarily due to always being there for her with love, concern, and moral support. It is important for men to be a father to their children. A father need to step up and be a man and accept the responsibilities of being a father to their children. It makes a positive difference in a child's life."

That is only half the story, Edward ‘Edde Osborne’ has excelled in his skills as a musician. Some say he is the best saxophone player they have ever heard. Edde Osborne has fans who are young children, the best critics and they often tell him, “You are very talented.” Says Edde, in his very New York accent “ I once read that the saxophone is the one instrument closest to the human voice.” If a saxophone can talk, Edde Osborne is the man who knows how to use it. His musical repertoire is vast, encompassing jazz, R&B, pop, rock and roll, easy listening, classical, gospel, television and movie themes, and his original compositions which are some of the most romantic love songs ever created and some of which are excellent movie themes. His original compositions are venturing into territory outside of the typical club scene and Osborne is becoming a unique master musician/audio engineer whose time is past due. He does not fit into any type. Forget everything you have heard or thought about solo musicians. Edde Osborne can engineer a performance to fill a hall with the completeness of a full band or an orchestra and play every instrument plus lead and background vocals. He is long overdue for recognition and TCE presents Edde Osborne, for his greatest achievement, Father of the Year.

Edde Osborne is an original and in this writer’s opinion, perhaps the greatest, exclusively, solo musician in his time.

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