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Single Crochet for beginners is far from ordinary

Single Crochet for Beginners
Single Crochet for Beginners

“Single Crochet for Beginners” by Cindy Crandall Frazier is just that- 160 pages dedicated to the art and mastery of single crochet. Yes, it is a paperback, yes it is glue bound, but it is still a very worthy book to own.

“Single Crochet” starts us off where our grandmothers and other relatives started us off as small children; with the finger crochet. This alone brings back good memories of summer days and a ball of yarn, sitting outside making endless chains used for a variety of things that only little girls and boys can think of. If you’ve never tried it, I recommend sitting down and giving it a whirl for an hour or two.

The book is full of projects that are both practical and fun: making a yarn doll (just like those your grandma made you when you were small) but crocheting a cute tasseled hat and scarf for it as well.

Hats, purses, pot holders, a skiing headband, bibs, a mat for your cat to lay on, scarves, baby bonnets, mittens, stuffed sheep and other patterns fill the book for crochet, but other practical sections are added as well, including a few sewing projects like making your own crochet hook roll out of fabric.

“Single Crochet” covers increasing and decreasing, making a gauge swatch, how to wind a ball of yarn, how to attach pieces together with an overcast stitch, and giving the finishing touches to your projects.

While it only focuses on single crochet, a lot of patterns out there in the world do too, especially those for toys. It gives any crocheter a good start, with some fun an interesting projects. It’s a book that any beginning crocheter should look at and see if it appeals. It is missing a few things in my eyes; a section talking about the turning chain is an essential in any book since this is one of the biggest problems crocheters have when they start out. If no one tells then to do it, they often end up with puckered circles where they meant to have squares.

Overall, a book I’d recommend as a supplement to other beginning crochet books. I give it a four out of five.


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