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Single chefs seek someone to lick the spoon

When the recipe turns out just right, don't you wish you had company?
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There are some silly little things that singles might like to celebrate with a mate, but they find themselves in an audience of one. Having a recipe come out just right, or over-the-top-tremendously-delicious, is one of those times.

Say you're savoring a fabulous four-course a la table for one. (Coffee table, TV tray, standing at the sink counting grout lines... or a real table every other full moon.) Oh, why does the recipe have to turn out so perfectly, when there are no witnesses? Is the glory in the singular effort and outstanding results, or is it about having a culinary cohort to fully celebrate life, licking the spoon? Perhaps a pat on the back is not as impactful as seeing someone actually partake of the fruits of your efforts - - a nurturing and artistic gesture that fills their basic human need with a unique cassoulet (yeah, it's a word).

Good food tastes even better when shared. It feeds the soul, sparks conversation, and heightens the senses. Some may suggest you should entertain more, invite friends over. Your likely response: single income. And who knows when it will ever turn out this way again? Oh, what a waste of watercress and a waffle iron, trying to follow instructions in French!

Another suggestion is impromptu neighbor knocking. Show it off: thrust it upon an unsuspecting single neighbor. Not the same as really sharing the meal if they've already eaten, or if there is a naked person in their bed when you drop by, but they can reheat it. (The food, silly.)

Of course, if you only want an "Atta boy!" every time things turn out right in your single shack, you can blog about it, or use the public diary called Facebook or Twitter and post how perfect it was, then await forty hits from friends saying how modest you are.

As a final course, any dining experience is enhanced by good company, so keep practicing to be the piece de resistance at someone else's table, too. You never know when fate may present a dish you can't resist, so to speak, and let's hope they own a waffle iron.

A single thought: Bon appetit!


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