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Singing groups

""As I Lay Dying," had its lead singer, Tim Lambesis, taken from them recently. He is serving a six year prison term for hiring a hit man to murder his ex wife. The band pretended to be Christian, as they admitted, in order to keep selling records to the Christian market. Mr Lambesis estimated that only one in ten of " Christian" bands were really Christian. That sounds about right.

It saddens me that many fans would come up to the band after a concert and request prayer. The group would tell the fans that they did not pray aloud themselves. Listen to the lyrics of so called Christian songs/ sermons, and compare them to the Bible. Study the Bible, pray to understand and then to apply what we read. Then, as federal agents who guard against counterfeits, seep ourselves in the real God. Then the fakes will be apparent when we know the truth well.

Flash and glamour has charmed not only the young, but people of all ages in every generation. A retired gentleman told me recently that good preachers entertain. I replied no, good preachers preach in the power of the Holy Spirit. Then if that is not facinating, we value the trivial at best, and the demonic at worst.

I suspect the group mentioned above was entertaining enough to make a living for awhile. Talent does lift us up above the crowd. But Robert Murray McCheyne said that God blesses great love for him more than great talents. May we seek his blessing.

While subbing for students at an Elkmont Christian service, I got the 29-30 people present to sing a song. I was the best singer there, that is how bad it was! I called the singing off after a few verses. While recognizing that God may value the singing of the crow as much as that of the nightingale, we humans value talent.

When I was young, I knew an old couple named John and Margie in upper East Tennessee. His eyelashes grew inwards so he was practically blind, and always in pain. But he was a gently and cheerful Christian. She was more animated, of course. She would often sing, "Were you there when they crucified my lord?" She sang just barely better than me, but she sang to honor Jesus Christ. No fans ever ran up and asked her to pray for him or her after she sang. That is too bad, because she walked with God, and therefore according to James 5.16 her prayers were powerful and effective.

Do we recognize and teach our children to recognize, the one out of ten bands wooing the Christian market that is really Christian? Such a band will say a good word about Jesus Christ whenever possible, and will think and act and sing Christianly. Not one of us does that all the time, but real Christians repent when we get selfish, unforgiving, and otherwise anti Christian. And we can be certain the Godly will not sing or preach or teach Christianly in public and be the opposite in private. Matthew 7.15-16 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits.

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