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Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma at the 2014 Winter Olympics

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Beginning Feb. 6, the musical group, Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma, will be participating as a ministry outreach group in Olympic evangelism and will gather at Golgotha Baptist Church, where they will teach church music to students of the Logos Christian Center and Institute for Sacred Music in Sochi. Teaching will continue at Golgotha Baptist Church on Feb. 7.

Marc Ira Hooks, Olympic event coordinator and co-director of Engage Sochi says, “I am very excited at the Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma’s interest in participating alongside the IMB, International Mission Board, with our evangelism and church planting project, Engage Sochi. I believe this will be a wonderful addition to our outreach and evangelism efforts during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.”

After the morning worship services at local churches Sunday morning, Feb. 8, the Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma will have a brief overview tour of Sochi and the surrounding areas related to the Olympic sites. Mon., Feb. 9, the group will be divided and head to the Sochi Cluster, Olympic Village Cluster and Mountain Cluster. This pattern of ministry will be used Mon.-Thurs.

Each team will use a cappella singing to draw in the crowds, attracting audiences using music so the Gospel can be presented. Other team members will be participating in the Olympic pin ministry. There will be a Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma concert on Thursday night at the beautiful Winter Theatre. This pattern of ministry will be used Mon.-Thurs.

In addition there will be large group performances in Moscow and Sochi, small ensemble performances at strategic locations throughout Moscow and Sochi, and “Flash-mob” performances on busses, trains, and other public places.

The goal of this outreach is to develop a local platform in the Sochi region for church planting led by IMB staff and the Russian Baptist Union. These plans include the development of ministry concerts with local churches and church choirs.

The group returns to the U.S. on Feb. 14.