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Singer songwriter Si Astbury launches new pop band Ignition (Photos)

On Feb. 16, 2014, singer songwriter Si Astbury, out of Burton on Trent Staffordshire in the UK, announced the forming and launching of a new pop band called Ignition. He also shared about the band's preparations for future gigs and an upcoming appearance at the Bramley Music Festival.

Bramley Music Festival features Si Astbury and Ignition
Bramley Music Fest, Image: Courtesy
Ignition, Image: Courtesy

Si Astbury, so your new band is in the pre-production stage, yet you have been asked to perform already?

"Yes we have. I have also been asked to host this upcoming festival, and our new band, Ignition, is to perform at it. We have until early summer for that performance, but there are a lot of things to do in preparing for it!

The event is the Bramley Music Festival."

When not singing and writing songs, Astbury also presents talent on Burton TV News' "In The Spotlight."

In addition, Astbury is part of an online competition called One can go there and vote for him. Remember to check one's email for a vote confirmation.

Si Astbury, so last year kept you busy. How do you see this year?

"2013 was a productive and fulfilling year. 2014 appears to be an even more productive one!

Plans are already under way with Ignition concerning photo shoots, rehearsals, booking gigs and more!"

Due to the band having a young teen sensation guitar player (he was 13 when he joined), plus no photos to share yet, future articles will post more information on the young guitarist as well as the other musicians. Fans can also look forward to a slideshow full of Ignition photos!

Si Astbury reminded this Young Musicians Examiner that fans can visit multiple websites to learn more about the band members and get a glimpse of them (in a black and white photo) on Facebook.

Discover more about Si Astbury and the festival at Bramley Music Festival on Facebook, on YouTube, and on Entertainment World of Si Astbury. Remember to vote for Si at!

Enjoy above video on "TV Host Dick Cavett."

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