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Singer-Songwriter, Rufus Wainwright, performs at the Orpheum Theater

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Rufus Wainwright, juts at the heart strings of all of humanity. His voice and lyrics are a personified reflection of our inner most selves, vulnerable yet resilient. The contours of his musical abilities glow with a dark and ominous tinge that exudes an undeniable ethereal appeal. In turn, his performance at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles on April 18th was both an exceptional melodic and cathartic experience.

Grammy-Nominated Singer-Songwriter, Rufus Wainwright, performs at the Orpheum Theater
los angeles

Within the enchanting atmosphere of the theater, Rufus Wainwright commands the ears of his audience. He performed some of his more popular songs including, Grey Gardens and Vibrate. Whether accompanied by the piano or guitar, his voice is an instrument of its own, resembling the sound of a broken angel mending its wings.

In addition to his musical styling, Wainwright is also quite the comedian. With an uncanny sense of humor, Wainwright often made jokes about himself in between his set. He pokes fun at the reaction of his upcoming opera, Prima Donna, which is about a day in the life of an opera singer.

Wainwright jokingly proclaims, “The orchestra adored it, the audience adored it and about a quarter of the critics adored it.”

Still, Wainwright is the dark horse of the singer-songwriter genre. His music explores an impressive spectrum of themes, including love, pop culture, family and addiction. This makes his fan base an eclectic mix of loyal followers. From the conventional housewife to the urban hipster, Rufus sparks an interest through all different kinds of audiences because he channels the voice of the human condition, in all of its beauty and disdain.

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