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Singer/songwriter Matt Morris brings respect back to music with his new album

Matt Morris singing to the crowd.
Matt Morris singing to the crowd.

Disney has been viewed as a big machine that churns out the same bubblegum pop musicians, but this time the company noticed real talent.

The Mickey Mouse Club has produced bestselling artists such as Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and now Matt Morris. Back when he was a little mouse, Morris’ talent wasn’t as noticed as JT’s, which in hindsight is very fortunate for him. Morris writes very raw and personal songs based on his life experiences. If he didn’t have a chance to grow up before he started writing music would never have “Let It Go” or “Bloodline.” Matt Morris is well on his way to becoming the next big thing.

His voice has a quiet power to it. It doesn’t have the same blatant range as Rufus Wainwright, but he’s utilized and harnessed what he does have and produced an incredible album with it. His vocal control is absolutely impeccable. Even on a recorded track, he knows exactly where he wants his voice to go and gets it there. In the end the puzzle graciously fits together. His lyrics, which are extremely powerful and cleverly written, cohesively fuse with his voice and complement one another. His voice never overpowers the story and the story never overpowers his voice.

He’s already appeared on Late Night with David Letterman and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Quite possibly his friendship with ex club member Justin Timberlake put his name in the drawing for a guest appearance on the shows, but booking the job was all up to him. Matt Morris isn’t about the money. He’s not about the fame. He’s simply writing his way through life and letting everyone else listen along. His debut album is now available on iTunes and is called “When Everything Breaks Open.” Buy and listen to “Eternity” to hear what real songwriting is. For more information click here.