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Singer songwriter, Jonne Blue, joins the Interdependent Music Sessions


The upcoming Interdependent Music Sessions are a unique live meets online concert experience.  Fans at home, as well as those in attendance will be able to interact with each other, as well as the performers. 

Jonne Blue, a songwriter from Trenton New Jersey, will be one of up to 36 performers featured throughout this 2 week long tour.   Jonne is one of only two artists that will be performing during every broadcast. 

The tour coincides with the release of Jonne’s first mix tape.  These recordings will be available for free at his official website,  Jonne also has just recently released his third single, Sweet Whiskey Jesus.  from his debut album, Unwelcome Guest.

The Interdependent Music Sessions will take the performers, as well as the online viewers, to Brooklyn New York, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Murfreesboro North Carolina, and 5 other cities along the east coast. You can subscribe to watch the Sessions at    

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