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Singer Songwriter, Bob Wolfman

Bob Wolfman of the Bob Wolfman band has gained recognition as a leading Boston guitarist and vocalist. At only 16 years old. Wolfman started out as a session guitarist in New York City for major studios and various record labels. He came to Boston and graduated from Berklee College of Music where he earned a performance degree which rounded out his many years on the road touring and recording with a formal education in music.

Guitarist Singer Songwriter Bob Wolfman
Provided by the artist.
Bob Wolfman
Provided by the artist.

Wolfman is well versed in blues, rock and jazz and has recorded with such greats as keyboard genius, Chick Corea - the "Godfather "of Jazz/Rock Fusion, Larry Coryell, Mr.Magic sax icon - Grover Washington Jr., New York studio session icon/producer - Joe Beck, legendary bassist for Weather Report/Joe Zawinul - Victor Bailey,
one of the world's top drummers - Kenwood Dennard, Bassist for Ahmad Jamal - James Cammack,
sax giant for Van Morrison - John Payne, Blues vocalist Toni Lynn Washington, Blues/Jazz harmonica
icon - Mike "Turk" Richards, Bluesman - James Montgomery, and many more. He has played on several
hundred recordings as a session guitarist and has also performed in 21 countries on four continents in every
type of venue, ranging from coffee houses, nightclubs, colleges and theaters to large concert halls and

In 1983, Wolfman founded the famed Wolfman School of Music which served as a prep school for Berklee and other college music programs, offering a wide variety of theory courses, private instruction on all contemporary instruments, ensemble programs and pro audio engineering courses in a fully equipped recording studio. Bob produced hundreds of bands, singer/songwriters, as well as creating many jingles and ads for radio and television.

Examiner spoke with Wolfman about his years working in the music industry.

Examiner: Tell us about Bob Wolfman?

Wolfman: "What's to tell? Hmmmm……Well, like so many others in this world of ours, I love the guitar and music, and I feel very blessed and extremely fortunate to have been able to make my living solely from creating and teaching music throughout my life. I feel very passionate about educating people, especially kids, and exposing people to what I feel is "real" music, whether it be Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk or Alternative. I don't care what it is, as long as it's got real heart and soul to it. My biggest influences have never stopped inspiring me; from Mozart to Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles to Jeff Beck and my lifelong friend and mentor Larry Coryell. I guess there's nothing wrong with synthesizers and drum machines and sampling (for a minute or so), but I feel strongly that a very large percentage of kids nowadays are not getting the right exposure to music and therefore too many will not develop real proficiency, mastery or skills as a musician. No virtuosity, and that bothers me that kids with real talent are not getting an opportunity to cultivate their real musical abilities."

Examiner: Tell us about your new CD Transition?

Wolfman: "I'm very proud of this record, as I've fulfilled a lifelong dream of not only having my mentor and friend Larry Coryell produce it, but he also composed two songs and plays on the entire album. It was also a thrill and an honor to have such huge music icons on the CD. My former Berklee schoolmate Victor Bailey of "Weather Report" fame. He is truly a TOTAL Monster and genius. Also, my good friend and soul brother Kenwwod Dennard on drums. Who hasn't Dennard played with in the music world? He's a phenomenal talent and driving force as well as a great human being. My dear friend Ferdi Argenti on piano has also been someone I've wanted to have with me, recording my music for a while, and he's brilliant, versatile, and extremely tasteful.

I must also say that I'm very proud that I feel we accomplished our goal of showcasing my versatility as a guitarist, vocalist and as a composer. The CD has several different styles, energy levels and ranges from Jazz, Blues, Brazilian Fusion and Jazz/Rock. It's a very solid recording and we've been getting rave reviews and airplay worldwide."

Examiner: Berklee College of Music is one of the best schools in the country when it comes to educating and preparing students to go out and earn a living in the music business. What made you want to get into the music business and did your education at Berklee play an integral role in your pursuit?

Wolfman: "I grew up in a very musical neighborhood in New York City. My older brother's friend had a band that rehearsed in our building. When I was little, teenagers would sing doo wop outside my windows at night, just like in the movies. Did you ever see "BRONX TALE?" Several musicians lived on my block, and in my community, and became some top names in the music biz. I started my own rock band when I was 12 and started performing in school and at camp socials during the Summers (for the adult counselors by the way) and my fellow campers on other nights. I was earning a living performing and recording in New York City and all over the Northeast from the time I was in my teens. I had already decided to be a full time pro at 16 years of age, and I had begun touring in my late teens. Coming back to New York during a bad recession, after a lot of touring, prompted me to finally get to Berklee and have a formal music education. Berklee helped me with some training technically, but had little or no impact on my career choices."

Examiner: Tell me something you've never told anyone else?

Wolfman: "I still practice…..hoping to get to Carnegie Hall! How's that? No, in all seriousness, I'm planning on becoming financially successful enough to start an organization to really stop human trafficking completely!

Examiner: Can you tell us about the other musicians who worked on your Transition CD?

Wolfman: "On guitar I have Larry Coryell, truly one of the greatest jazz guitar giants ever. The pioneer/”Godfather” of Jazz/Rock fusion music, he brought what amounted to a nearly alien sensibility to jazz electric guitar playing in the 1960s. His technique is brilliant and he's comfortable in almost every style, covering every base from the most decibel-heavy, distortion-laden electric work to the most delicate, soothing, intricate lines on acoustic guitar.

Victor Bailey is on bass. Bailey gained international recognition in the early nineteen eighties when he joined the innovative jazz fusion supergroup Weather Report. He has made three of the most highly acclaimed solo records ever by any bassist. As a studio musician he has played on over one thousand records. He has toured and recorded with artists as diverse as Joe Zawinul, Mike Brecker, Mary J. Blige and Madonna. He is also a prolific composer, producer and bandleader and is currently working as a solo artist and with CBW with Larry Coryell and Lenny White.

Drummer Kenwood Dennard also known as“Woody”, is one of the world’s top performing and recording drummers. The list of giants he’s worked with is far too long to list and reads like an encyclopedia of music icons in Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues, Pop, and Soul; Greg Allman, Chet Atkins, Ray Barretto, George Benson, Art Blakey, Hiram Bullock, George Clinton (P-Funk), Chick Corea, Larry Coryell, Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Dizzy Gillespie,Herbie Hancock, Whitney Houston, Quincy Jones, Stanley Jordan, Hubert Laws,Manhattan Transfer, Pat Martino, Dave Matthews, Bobby McFerrin, John McLaughlin, Marcus Miller, Charles Mingus, Maceo Parker/JBHorns, JacoPastorius, Wayne Shorter, Jimmy Smith, Mike Stern, STING, Luther Vandross, Grover Washington, Jr., Edgar Winter, Joe Zawinul. Go Woody!

Fred Argenti is on keybords. Argenti began his career performing throughout most of Europe as a pianist, keyboardist, vocalist, composer and arranger. His skills rapidly gained recognition, as he played with many of the finest Italian and American musicians, most notably Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Kenny Wheeler and the Artie Shaw band. Argenti's brilliant jazz piano sound and improvisational style are a composite of Charlie Parker‘s be-bop, Oscar Peterson‘s blend of bop and swing, the lyrical approach of Bill Evans and some of the harmonic innovations and rhythmic feel of Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea.

Examiner: Tell us about your music school?

Wolfman: "When I graduated from Berklee I was teaching about 42 hours a week and there was no sign of that slowing down. My school was actually the first and only school to my knowledge that Berklee considered for their official prep school. We built up a qualified staff of instructors who were all trained and college educated,
and were seasoned pro performers. The school generated a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for music students of all ages from all over New England.

I had always wanted to develop music theory courses and be able to offer my students so much more than just
guitar lessons. I had already been teaching audio engineering/recording classes in my home studio on weekends with all day workshops. My school offered a wide array of music theory course, ensembles, private instruction for all instruments and we had a fully equipped recording studio for music production and teaching audio engineering as well. We produced jingles for TV and radio, and produced CD's for hundreds of bands, singer/songwriters and CD recording projects for some top names in and around Boston.

I'm currently looking to open a new large teaching facility on the North Shore."

For more information on Wolfman's School of Music contact: (978) 774-0023 or

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