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Singer of The Orwells wasted on Letterman, followed by a Paul Shaffer tribute

On Wednesday, January 15, The Orwells were the musical guest on the "Late Show with David Letterman", but the lead singer's head seemed elsewhere. The Illinois based garage punk band played their song, "Who Needs You", but lead singer, Mario Cuomo, was so wasted that he wound up missing lyrics, writhing around on the floor while pelvic thrusting, taking a break mid song on a guest chair, then finally finishing the song as intended.

I'll have what he's having.
Joyce Picker

A thrilled and amused Letterman exclaimed, "Yeah! Finally we're getting somewhere. What do you say a little more of this!" Paul Shaffer started chanting, "One more time!" with Dave yelling, "Come on!". The Orwells seemed befuddled until Paul Shaffer led the CBS Orchestra (nee The World's Most Dangerous Band) in a instant cover of "Who Needs You". The lead singer bobbed his head in approval while some of his bandmates picked up their instruments to join in with the jam. The icing on the cake was Shaffer leaving his keyboard enclosure for the stage to impersonate Cuomo's floor writhing and air humping. Dave went out to Paul and asked, "Are you all right?", then confirmed, "He's all right!" It was truly a rock and roll moment.

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