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Singer Maxwell Tour Bus Catches Fire, The Show Goes On...

Courtesy of Google

Soul Singer Maxwell seems to be setting things ablaze again. On Friday just before his performance at Shreveport Municipal Auditorium in Louisiana, the singer’s bus caught fire, but it didn’t stop the Crooner from moving forward with the show, “my bus on fire in Shreveport Louisiana, but the show must go on,” is what he posted on his Facebook page.

Maxwell, the band and crew members are said to be safe and unharmed, however, die-hard fans are blaming the sexiness of the singer for the bus catching a fire, and some are coming up with their own phrases of why it caught fire. “The bus, the bus, the bus is on fire, Maxwell is so hot of course the bus is gonna burn” is just one of the many phrases folks are coming up with.

Shreveport Municipal Auditorium is known for bringing the hottest singers who leaves with the most catchable phrases such as Elvis Presley who performed 84 times before inheriting the phrase “Elvis has left the building.”

That said; the phrases that folks are coming up with for Maxwell is that of a bitter-sweet one. The singers' listeners are elated that he is not injured and can still continue with his SummerSoulStice tour. According to his social media accounts he is still in the running for his future performances even in the midst of this unforeseen event.

The singer has humbled himself and even mentioned “when life gives you Lemons, make lemonade,” as he pictured his backup singer “Latina Webb’ on a private flight to their next destination. Maxwell appears to be in good spirits and is not ready to disappoint his audience. If you haven't seen the singer in action yet, then check out future dates here.

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