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Singer and voice actress Crystal Tamar talks movie soundtracks and new music

Singer and voice-over artist Crystal Tamar is hoping more movie soundtracks are in her future. Tamar is a former member of the girl group Sophia Fresh whose single “This Instant” with hitmaker T-Pain was featured on the soundtrack for the 2010 dance film “Step Up 3D." She says the group and the film were a perfect fit.

Singer Crystal Tamar talks movie soundtracks and new music
The PowerHouse Agency

“We were a very energetic group. We did a lot of performing. We were very colorful, everything that the whole “Step Up” brand represented was Sophia Fresh and a lot of our fan base was dancers, the whole dancing world. So it made perfect sense to be able to jump on that soundtrack and be apart of the movie in such an awesome way. We had a chance to do that on “Step Up 2” and “Step Up 3D." It was a perfect marriage. “

The Texas native and former NFL cheerleader who is now a solo artist with new music scheduled to be released later this year says she would love to voice an animated character in a film and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to more dance movie soundtracks.

“I would absolutely love to contribute to that again. Dance movies in particular because I have that dance background. I enjoyed that a lot. To be able to hear your stuff when you see it on the big screen...see it happen not only on the actual soundtrack but inside the movie, it's just really an awesome thing to see people interact to your music.“

Tamar is also excited about music from her upcoming EP. She says fans are in for a treat.

"It's a little bit of everything. A lot of those influences I was just telling you about; the r&b, the jazz, the neo-soul and hip-hop as well and you might get a little gospel inspiration. It's going to be all of that wrapped up with a bow. "

In the meantime music fans can hear Tamar on the single "Did for Me" off the "Well Wishes" complilation album by rapper Bizzle. The project consists of various music artists who lend their voices to help raise funds to build water wells in Africa. For more information on "Well Wishes" and the music of Crystal Tamar, you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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