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Singapore's Engaging Nightlife

Tourists enjoy local entertainment
Tourists enjoy local entertainment
Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

A land of natural beauty, Singapore is dazzling by day. However, when the lights come on in the evening, the city by night is magnificent. Tourists can start with a delicious dinner in one of its world famous restaurants, perhaps with a view of the lights reflecting on the Singapore River. After dinner, vacationers can cross the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and marvel at its view of the Singapore skyline.


A delightful benefit of visiting Singapore is its clean, orderly and safe environment. One can walk the streets at night and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being in one of the safest cities in the world. Whether vacationers stroll the city streets, sit in one of the many parks, or visit a shopping mall, nightlife in Singapore is safe and convenient, with transportation ready to take travelers wherever they wish to go.

Night Safari

Those who like animals will not want to miss the world famous Singapore Zoo where animals are seen in their natural habitats. When the zoo closes, one can continue with a Night Safari where a tram is available to take visitors through the park, where various animals roam free.


Singapore offers a variety of clubs, discotheques and concert areas for any type of music, dancing or partying one has in mind. From the upscale Butter Factory with it riveting aura, to the Edge where travelers can gaze at the stars from the outside walkway overlooking the sea, something for every taste and budget can be found.


For movie lovers,the giant Golden Village Cinema, better known as GV, occupies two levels and is the largest in the nation. Boasting comfortable, modern plush seating and an exceptional sound system, GV is the best place to catch the latest movie.

When one has toured Singapore and enjoyed the incredible nightlife it offers, he or she will leave with unforgettable memories of a city that captures the heart, as well as the imagination.