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Sing it or Wing It


  • Jack 6 years ago

    So is this place for adults after a certain time of day or do we get to endure cute lil Johnny and lil Sally singing all night?

  • Lucy 6 years ago

    After 9 p.m. you have to be 21 years or older to enter the establishment.

  • Ann 6 years ago

    The food is great - be sure to try the okra for an appetizer - really - if you like okra - you're gonna love this! Also,the entrees are large - you'll be full when you waddle out.
    I was pleasantly surprised at all the "local" talent - just folks dining out enjoying their food and offering some entertainment. You'll leave with a smile on your face and probably singing a tune on your way home. Enjoy!

  • Gene 5 years ago

    Had the best time.Beside the food the entire staff made you feel at home and no one seemed to be a stranger.My friends and family suggested we meet there for my birthday and I was skeptical.Now Im looking forward to return.The music was so much fun and to say the least Im coming back for another Woodchuck.

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