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Sindicato introduces its new flagship cigar, the Sindicato


Sindicato Cigars strives to bring the best together in its journey to create greatness. The company continually searches for perfect tobaccos from the finest farms blended by the best master blenders in the business. In doing so, Sindicato is pleased to announce its much anticipated and new flagship cigar, the Sindicato.

Sindicato is a square-pressed Nicaraguan Puro crafted with a limited, shade-grown Corojo wrapper from Eduardo Fernandez in Jalapa, Nicaragua. This beautiful wrapper is grown under shade to insure the leaf's consistent appearance. Master blender Arsenio Ramos has combined this unique wrapper with a rich, bold Estelí double leaf binder, which encompasses a blend of strong, flavorful Jalapa and Estelí leaves and delivers a medium-full strength cigar with exquisite taste.

Jim Colucci, President and CEO of Sindicato, says, “We’re extremely excited about this beautiful cigar. We’re using special tobaccos from Eduardo Fernandez’s farms and Arsenio Ramos has crafted a fantastic blend. We truly believe that we are bringing the best together to create something great.”

Sindicato will ship this week to hundreds of retail locations across the United States and is being released in six vitolas ranging in price between $10-$14.




Corona Gorda

5 ½ x 48



5 x 54



6 x 54



6 1/8 x 54



7 x 52



6 x 60



Release Date

May 1, 2014


Shade Grown Corojo from Jalapa, Nicaragua


Double Binder from Estelí, Nicaragua


Estelí & Jalapa, Nicaragua




4 of 5




Casa Fernandez

Blended By

Arsenio Ramos

Quantity Per Box


About Sindicato Cigars

Sindicato is a cigar company that creates unique brands and premium handmade blends catering to the evolving tastes of our consumers. The company is led by

a group of experts who have multiple decades of experience and are among the top minds in the cigar industry. They have come together to put tobacco retailers and consumers first, and to create brands and blends they know people will love. The company produces premium brands such as Sindicato, Affinity, Hex, and Casa Bella. Based in Boca Raton, FL, Sindicato sells through hundreds of tobacco retailers throughout the United States.

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