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Sinclair Oil and Cargill executives implicated in child sacrifice during arrests

During the Aug15 arrests made at a private residence in Outremont, (1) an arrestee implicated two American executives as members of the Ninth Circle satanic cult.

Pro Cathedral in Dublin
Pro Cathedral in Dublin
Stephen Holding (left) with his father, Robert Earl Holding, owner of Sinclair Oil Photo:
Stephen Holding (left) with his father, Robert Earl Holding, owner of Sinclair Oil Photo:

The witness named Minnesota-based Cargill (2) executive Kerry Brick and Idaho-based Sinclair Oil Ltd. (3) executive, Stephen Holding.

In his Aug. 16 interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, (4) Kevin Annett, Field Secretary for the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), (5) stated:

We know Cargill is deeply involved I n human trafficking. The food processing industry Big Agra business and the aerospace industry have had these long connections with the satanic networks, with these post-war Nazis, Nazification of America. All the stuff you can read very clearly.

Obviously, one of the inside informants told us that the Cargill corporate headquarters in Wayzata Minnesota is actually a center for this ritual child sacrifice.

In June, the common law court authorized the formation of direct action units (DAU) to enforce warrants issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) (6). These units are composed of six-man units staffed by highly trained, former military personnel whose sole function is to prevent satanic rituals.

The DAU's most current mission focused on known Ninth Circle ritual sites located in Montréal and Dublin, Ireland. Testimonial evidence pointed to Marie-Reine-du-Monde (Mary Queen of the World) (7) Cathedral in Montréal and the Pro Cathedral (8) in Dublin, Ireland.

According to Annett, the Outremont site, a private residence, was under surveillance since Aug. 4. Early Friday morning, Aug. 16, the DAU witnessed two men and a woman on the grounds. The first two to be intercepted were a private security guard and a male member of the Ninth Circle who had arrived to set up for that evening's sacrifice.

The security guard cooperated with the DAU and showed them a chamber beneath the basement where the sacrifice was to occur. "Now according to the report, they found two small prison cells with wall shackles for shackling people, a central soundproof chamber containing a stone wall altar with apparent blood stains on it and there were sampled and bagged for analysis. These samples have already been sent out to Brussels," Annett said.

The security guard then led them to an adjourning room containing locked cabinets filled with child pornography, children's clothing, film equipment, metallic torture devices, and ceremonial swords.

The female witness arrived a short time later. The DAU's presence visibly unnerved her, causing the woman to cooperate with the agents and answer their questions. It was she, who provided Kerry Brick and Stephen Holding's names, along with a "local Catholic bishop in Montréal" whose name she chose not to mention.

In the course of questioning, the female admitted that there was, indeed, a ritual scheduled for midnight, that night. Two children were already chosen and being held at McGill University. (9) At that time, the witness also admitted that she and the others were members of the Ninth Circle.

The Dublin effort, however, was not as successful. Annett stated that no evidence of ritualistic activity existed on or around the Pro Cathedral. Annett elaborated on the Dublin situation:

The only information they got was they confirmed the identity of one of these Ninth Circle members in Dublin as being a priest named Damian O'Reilly who turns out to be a priest at Pro Cathedral and he's actually the secretary—the assistant to the acting head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Archbishop Diarrmuid [sic] Martin.

And again, they're keeping that place under surveillance and they're also assisting a common law court in Ireland, which has been established to investigate the ritual slaying of children at that Catholic facility at Tuam (10) where they found those 800 babies in the cistern.

The following day, the two cult members were related to Montréal police. One of the members agreed to cooperate in the prosecution of the Ninth Circle and is now in protective custody. Beginning Sept. 1, the Court's Permanent Commission of Inquiry will kick into high gear, expanding its investigations into financial and corporate institutions that finance global child trafficking. Annett mentioned several institutions that are deeply involved including, Cargill, Sinclair Oil, HSBC, Bank of America, Cameco Uranium (11) and Ndrangheta.

According to the female witness, the third participant to whom she alluded was "a local Catholic bishop in Montréal. The archbishop of Montréal is Christian Lépine. (12) Now Lépine, for all intents and purposes, appears to be squeaky clean—until now. Besides possibly being the "local Catholic bishop of Montréal," to whom the witness referred, he seems to have a bit of an unusual infatuation, or "mission" as some may choose to call it.

Do you baby boomers out there remember the 1950s Catholic manual on sex? Back then—and even today in most Traditional Catholic parishes—sex was not exactly a topic of conversation in the course of spiritual direction (except—you know—DON'T DO IT!). And the hottest thing to do on a Saturday night was to flip to the section in the Catholic manual on sex and marriage, to read all about the missionary position.

Then along comes Archbishop Lépine, who has gained the reputation as a champion of the "Theology of the Body," (13) based on John Paul II's book (14) by the same name.

Back in 2009, while still a parish priest in Repentigny parish, Lépine hosted a series of talks focusing on how parents can develop "heterosexual potential" in their children. What was to be a series of three talks was canceled (15) after the first because of impending demonstrations threatened by the gay community.

This November, Lépine is participating in a seminar of sorts, (16) centered on the new sexual revolution. Flyers for the event read, "The deep meaning of the body and sexuality." The guest speaker is Robert Gauthier, a Sulpician priest who is a "professor of the moral theology of the body."

Wha-a-a-a-t!? What's with all the sex?

Me thinkest thou thinkest too much.

Of course, retaliation for ITCCS actions is in full swing. Annett disclosed in previous ITCCS posts that the Vatican put a contract out on him through the Ndrangheta (17) mafia. ITCCS emails have been hacked and Annett suggested that the ability to access their private emails points to government involvement.

Greg Renouf, (18) someone with whom Annett has a not-too-pleasant history, (19) is using the ITCCS Facebook site to demean the organization as much as possible. Renouf has proven from past incidents, (20) however, that he lacks all credibility and is nothing more than an annoying gnat that refuses to go away.

"I don't worry about what agent provocateurs say," Annett said. "It's designed to create confusion, to get us going down false paths. What we need is to stay focused on is the simple fact that children are being killed." Annett perceives these invasions as a reverse litmus test. "As soon as these people pop up their heads, it means yes, we're on the right track," he said.

The Vatican is not the only organization taking care of child rapist, Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis). Annett explained the geo-political connection between the Vatican and the rest of the world.

Well first of all the trip, I mean this whole geo-political thing going on where Obama and the Queen and others are frantically trying to keep the Vatican in their camp as Vatican bank money is being put into Russia and China and definitely Putin is warming up to Rome and they're developing a relationship there. So that's part of the bigger thing going on, here.

So an ongoing "Where's Waldo?" type of process is in place wherein Bergoglio and Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) are being hidden and protected by those who have something to gain—even if it's only keeping one's job as a Vatican guard. Annett described the government's apparent loyalty as a "We love Jorge" bandwagon, which all are playing to the hilt.

Rumor has it that Bergoglio may visit the U.S. in 2015. "We are obviously going to attempt to arrest the guy when he's here," Annett said.

We are also approaching the police in these cities. We're asking city officials to tell the pope he's not welcome. He's a banished figure because of his conviction. There are gonna be a lot of things that are going to be tried.

These actions may not be necessary, however. Annett disclosed that the ICLCJ has implied that Bergoglio's recent comment that he "may be dead within two or three years" (21) and the sudden death of three members of his family in Argentina is directly related to Ndrangheta. The Italian mafia group, it has been disclosed, is pressuring the Vatican to silence or depose Bergoglio.

Annett stated that people often ask him how he is going to arrest the pope, the queen, and other high-profile individuals. "It's not a matter of how we can do it," he said. "It's a question of how all of us are gonna stop this."

Annett reiterated that communities need to mobilize. It is a long-term process that must be taken very seriously. "It's not a matter of, you know, being an Internet activist anymore. People have to turn off the machines and get out there and enforce these verdicts in their communities," Annett said.

Well I mean, I think it begins within ourselves, recognizing not only this is a battle for all of humanity, it's a spiritual warfare we're involved in and you cannot enter this lightly. You have to do the necessary personal and spiritual preparation to enter into this.

Once that's happened, we find that we tend to be linked up, automatically almost, with like-souled people and those people need to be organized. We're out for a creative minority—for those who have already broken from the system who are able to stand within their own sovereignty like when people come up and say, "what authority do you have to do this?" I just point at your own heart and your own mind and say, "That's where the sovereignty comes from, people! This is our basis of authority."

Anyone interested in committing themselves to the eradication of child ritual abuse can get more information by writing