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Since When Did We Let Manchester Blvd. In Westchester Become A Campground?

Not exactly a National Park?
Not exactly a National Park?

Twice, and many hundreds of dollars later, I have had cars towed from right out front of my home, because they sat there longer than 72 hours. With kids in college, the extra car sometimes is forgotten for a few days longer than it should when the kids go back to school.

So O.K., I get it. I was wrong, and I paid the man.

But what if that was my primary vehicle and I was on vacation those few days?

You make the call.

But when local authorities allow campers and motorhomes to park all over Westchester, and now four or five on Manchester Boulevard, I feel as though things have gone too far.

For months now, people have been camping out up and down the Boulevard, near Westchester Park, Westchester Golf Course and Westchester Library.

Well enough is enough! This is, for godsakes, one of the few major boulevards in our town.

I am generally sensitive to the plight of the homeless, but this is just wrong.

Also, with the vacant land surrounding LAX, wouldn't you think someone could spare a little space for these poor people who can't even afford a campground?


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